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The kaydon slewing bearing replacement we can customized

The following series  models we can produced nner and outer with flange slewing bearing:RK6-16P1Z,RK6-22P1Z,RK6-25P1Z,RK6-29P1Z,RK6-33P1Z,RK6-37P1Z,RK6-43P1Z Inner tooth outer flange turntable bearing:RK6-16N1Z,RK6-22N1Z,RK6-25N1Z,RK6-29N1Z,RK6-33N1Z,RK6-37N1Z,RK6-43N1Z Outer tooth inner flange slewing bearing :RK6-16E1Z,RK6-22E1Z,RK6-25E1Z,RK6-29E1Z,RK6-33E1Z,RK6-37E1Z,RK6-43E1Z no tooth no flange swing bearing:HS6-16P1Z ,HS6-21P1Z , HS6-25P1Z ,HS6-29P1Z,HS6-33P1Z ,HS6-37P1Z ,HS6- 43P1Z inner tooth slewing bearing ring without flange:HS6-16N1Z ,HS6-21N1Z ,HS6-25N1Z ,HS6-29N1Z ,HS6-33N1Z,HS6-37N1Z ,HS6- 43N1Z outer tooth slewing ring […]

Slewing bearing for public works machine excavator

Slewing bearings are widely applied in machines for public works. Usually the slewing rings for public works need to have high rigidity, undertake heavy loads, provide stable rotation, and resistant to impact load. Easy to disassemble or install is also an important factor. Slewing bearing for excavators (crawler excavators, wheel excavators, light duty excavators, etc.) […]

Rotek slewing bearings we can customized

Rotek Series 2100 slewing ring External gear L6-16N9Z, L6-16N9ZD, L6-22N9Z, L6-16N9ZD, L6-25N9Z, L6-25N9ZD, L6-29N9Z, L6-29N9ZDL6-33N9Z, L6-33N9ZD, L6-37N9Z, L6-37N9ZD, L6-43N9Z, L6-43N9ZD L9-38N9Z, L9-42N9Z, L9-46N9Z, L9-49N9Z, L9-53N9Z, L9-57N9Z Internal gear L6-16E9Z, L6-16E9ZD, L6-22E9Z, L6-22E9ZD, L6-25E9Z, L6-25E9ZD, L6-29E9Z, L6-29E9ZDL6-33E9Z, L6-33E9ZD, L6-37E9Z, L6-37E9ZD, L6-43E9Z, L6-43E9ZD L9-38E9Z, L9-42E9Z, L9-46E9Z, L9-49E9Z, L9-53E9Z, L9-57E9Z Gearless L4-13P8Z, L4-13P9Z, L4-17P8Z, L4-17P9ZL6-16P9Z, L6-16P9ZD, L6-22P9Z, L6-22P9ZD, […]

Heavy duty big diameter slewing bearing

Our factory also can manufacturered the big size high-stabilitys high duty slewing bearing with outer diameter 5m that meet clients details enquiry .The big size slewing bearing are widely used in offshore floating crane , stacker and reclaimer, harbor crane and other heavy duty equipment. The strong technical team our factory have , if you […]

Delivery SDE3 Dual Axis Slewing Drive to Australia

On December 12, 2019, Luoyang Hengguan Bearing company delivery three sets of SDE3 with two 24V motor slewing drive to Australia by Air. The dual-axis slewing drive can adjust the horizontal movement and the pitch angle. It is an important device for solar tracking systems. Luoyang Hengguan can quote prices and freight to customers as […]

The Nk-450BV Crane Slewing Bearing Arrived to Repair Factory

The Nk-450BV crane slewing bearing arrived to repair factory at 27th, November . The customer is very satisfied with the quality and packing. This slewing bearing structure is four-point contact ball with internal teeth, 1.this series ball slewing bearing is composed of outer and inner race, the rolling elements and the spacing block. 2. The […]

HGB Slewing Drive Simple Introduction

The slewing drive is a full-circle slewing reduction transmission mechanism that integrates a driving power source. It uses a slewing bearing as a transmission follower and a mechanism attachment. By attaching a driving member and a drive source to one of the inner and outer rings of the slewing bearing And the cover, and the […]

Insufficient High End Market for Slewing Bearings

China’s slewing bearing market demand will be saturated. In view of the fact that China’s slewing bearing production tends to be saturated at present, it has few high-tech contents and the quality is not too hard. Looking at the market of excavators with high requirements for slewing bearing tooth quenching and raceway quenching, domestic excavators […]

Application of Slewing Drive

The slewing drive is a new type of slewing product, usually called slewing bearing. It is usually composed of the worm, slewing bearing, housing, motor, and other components. Because the core component adopts slewing bearing, it can bear axial force, radial force, and overturning moment at the same time. Application areas of the rotary drive […]