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HGB delivery SE5 with 24V motor slewing drive to Canada

On October 12, 2019, Luoyang Hengguan Bearing company delivery one set of SE5 with a 24V motor slewing drive to Canada by Express. This slewing drive SE5 is used for a solar tracker system. When received the customer’s inquiry, we provide the customer with professional technical support to help the customer select the model of […]

Non-standard segment slewing bearing produced successfully

Recently, our company (Luoyang Hengguan Bearing) delivered a non-standard segmented slewing bearing for a large-scale winding machine manufactured by a metallurgical company in Hunan. After the customer installed, the design intention of the slewing bearing was realized. Our company’s design capability and production capacity are highly appreciated. The outer diameter of the bearing is 2.1 […]

How to solve the problem of large gap between the top ring and bottom ring of the excavator slewing bearing?

Excavator is an indispensable mechanical device in the construction of today’s engineering equipment. Powerful robotic arms and buckets can excavate the earth and then load it into the transport vehicle. This series of operations are inseparable from the working device of the excavator. The important joint in the working device is the slewing bearing. The […]

Composition and Selection of Wind Turbine Slewing Bearing

Wind turbine slewing bearing is one of the important parts of the wind turbine. Wind turbine converts wind energy into mechanical energy by absorbing wind energy and then converts it into electric energy to realize wind power generation. Wind power system mainly includes main rotating system, pitch system, and yaw system. The components of each […]

How to deal with the abnormal sound of the crane slewing bearing?

The crane belongs to a large hoisting machine. When the crane rotates the U-turn, the key bearing function is the slewing bearing. When the crane rotates, it bears a large steering force and load, and still can provide stable rotation. However, in daily use, sometimes there is abnormal noise or stuttering. What are the reasons […]

Successful Installation of Slewing Bearing for Shield Machine

Recently, our company (Luoyang Hengguan Bearing) has successfully delivered the slewing bearing of the shield screw conveyor manufactured for Fuzhou Metro Construction Co., Ltd. The slewing bearing on the equipment is imported products with long production and long transportation time and high price. The construction time is limited. After many times of communication between the […]

What are the Models and Characteristics of Cross Roller Slewing Bearings?

Cross roller slewing bearing also known as cross roller slewing ring bearing, is mainly divided into 11 series, HJ series and 797 series slewing bearings. Compared with other slewing bearings, cross roller slewing bearing has small size, high precision grade, high rigidity and large load bearing capacity. Resistance to damage and other characteristics. It is […]

How the Slewing Bearing Works?

The slewing bearing, also known as the slewing ring bearing, is a very large bearing capable of withstanding the combined load, and can withstand large axial, radial loads and overturning moments at the same time. Mainly used in large-scale mechanical equipment, such as some cranes and excavators and other equipment. The basic structure of the […]

Excavator slewing bearing and pinion to Chile

On August 20, 2019, Luoyang Hengguan Bearing company finished slewing bearings and associated pinion gears for Chile customers. The slewing bearing and pinion are applied to the excavator, and the bearing raceways and teeth are quenched to bear better surface stress. We specialized in producing excavator slewing bearings for many years, and almost 500 types […]