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Marine crane slewing bearing

With the development of offshore oil rigs, there is an increasing demand for large lifting equipment for platform installation and maintenance. 1. The requirements of basic function parameters are continuously improved. The lifting capacity of a single machine is basically above 1000t, the maximum working range can reach nearly 100 meters, and the lifting height […]

How to choose machine tool spindle and turntable bearing.

As the core component of the machine tool spindle and turntable, the bearing plays a decisive role in the performance of the machine tool. This paper mainly describes the selection of spindle bearings and the selection of rotary table bearings. As a key component of the machine tool, the spindle directly affects the parameters such […]

Introduction about the process of slewing bearing processing

1. Inspection of forging blanks First understand the material of the blank and the state after forging before processing. Secondly, it is necessary to check whether the blank has defects such as lamination and cracks. Measure the dimensions of the blank. Including the inner and outer diameter of the blank, the height dimension, calculating the […]

Cross cylindrical roller slewing bearing

Definition and operation principle of crossed cylindrical roller slewing bearing Definition: Cross-roller type slewing bearing consists of two races. It is compact in structure, light in weight, high in manufacturing precision, small in assembly clearance, high in installation accuracy, and 1:1 cross-arrangement of rollers. The force, tipping moment and large radial force are widely used […]

Slewing bearing common faults and solutions

Slewing bearings are a common mechanical part in industrial equipment. They have many good properties and advantages that can increase productivity in industrial production. However, in the long-term use of the slewing bearing, various failures will inevitably occur. The methods for solving various failures are as follows: 1. The newly purchased slewing bearing product is […]

Bearings going to Russia are subject to anti-dumping duties that can be settled through re-exports

The Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation initiated an anti-dumping investigation on rolling bearing products originating in China. On December 13, 2007, the Russian federal government decided to adopt anti-dumping measures against rolling bearing products originating in China, and implemented a 31.3%-41.5% anti-dumping tax rate, valid for 5 years. On September 18, […]

Personalized development of slewing bearings

With the continuous development of construction machinery, according to the individual needs of users, the construction machinery is oriented towards the individual direction. For example, the excavator has large and medium-sized excavators, and various excavators for improving special purposes. Therefore, the requirements for the personalized development of slewing bearings are put forward. Today, the author […]