Wind Power Large Ring Gear

High-precision grinding of large gears for wind power transmissions and other industrial applications

Wind Power Large Ring Gear

Processing range(external):

Maximum grinding diameter 2600mm

Processing modulus 1-45mm

Apes distance 1000-2300mm

Maximum gear width 1480mm

Helix angle +120/-45°

Procassing Range (internal):

Maximum external diameter of gear ring 2600mm

Minimum internal diameter of gear ring 1200mm

Maximum wall thickness of gear ring 500mm

Maximum face thickness of gear ring 1010mm

Helix angle ± 35°

In usual conditions, the precision of external gear can reach level of AGMA 14-13 (equal to level 3-4 in DIN3962 Standard). Gear forming and gear forming modification can be done according to different design requirement.