Bucket Wheel Machine

Bucket wheel machine

Bucket wheel machine also known as bucket wheel stacker and reclaimer, is an efficient equipment for continuous loading and unloading of bulk materials in modern chemical industry. It has been widely used in the stacking and reclaiming of bulk materials (ore, coal, coke, and sand) storage yards in ports, wharves, metallurgy, cement, iron and steel plants, coking plants, coal storage plants, and power plants.

The slewing bearing of bucket wheel stacker-reclaimer is the supporting revolving structure, which bears the horizontal and overturning moments produced by the revolving structure during operation and non-operation, so that the machine is in a stable state. According to its working conditions, there are two kinds of commonly used slewing bearing structures, one is heavy-duty single row cross roller slewing bearing and three-row roller slewing bearing with external teeth. These are our usual products. For detailed information, please call for communication and consultation.