precision bearings for Industrial robotics and warehousing robotics

Under the influence of international environment, it has become an inevitable trend to develop industrial robot industry vigorously

Slewing bearings plays an important role in the development of industrial robots.It’s called the joint of the machine.

Industrial robots are widely used in manufacturing workshops

HGB offers bearings for Industrial robotics and warehousing robotics, We can produce according to sample or drawing, to meet customers’ different requirements.

SHF crossed roller bearing with mounting holes (for SHF/SHG harmonic drive reducer)

Larger size double row ball slewing bearing exported to South korea

This month we ship the big size double row ball slewing bearing to Korea

This double row ball bearing have three seal ring ,The steel ball and isolators can be directly arranged into the upper and lower raceways .
Double-row ball slewing bearing can carry axial load, tilting moment and radial loads at the same time. The top ball mainly carries the axial load and positive tilting moment. The drop ball takes the opposite tilting moment. This is the reason for the loading capacity of the double row ball slewing bearing being larger than the four-point contact ball slewing bearing; however, the frictional ratio is much larger. than the latter.

Slewing Rings for Radar Military

Our special design Radar military slewing rings are popular in satellite antennas, tank, santi-aircraft gun, radar, missile launcher and so on.

We can produce steel, aluminum and titanium bearings for the most demanding and prestigious customer that matching the highest technical requirement.

Anyway, to ensure the quality of this application, the slewing rings (turntable bearings) should be obtained by a specific process of grinding. As a result, capacity, low torque, stiffness, high rotating speed and precision in rough environments can be available.

Slewing Ring bearings and turntable bearings are large bearings primarily designed to handle applications that feature axial, radial, and moment loads.

Due to this functionality, slewing Ring bearings can be found in the following industries: medical, crane, nautical, military, forestry, material handling, aerospace, machine tools, surveillance, automotive, turntables, mining equipment, offshore platforms, offshore platforms, radar and satellite antennas, robotics and so on. In addition, according to the type of load, slew rings are available with 1 row of balls, 2 rows of balls and one row of rollers as well as there rows.

Slovakia PSL slewing bearing we can customized

We supply OEM slewing ring to customer according to PSL standard and specification, the quality of our product is same as original PSL slewing ring bearing.

1.Slewing Bearing(O)
90-1z 20-0220-0184, 90-1z 14-0193-0152, 90-1z 12-0222-0440-1, 90-1z 14-0222-0440, 90-1z-10-0216-0177, 90-1z 14-0254-0168, 90-1z 10-0250-0176, 90-1z 20-0296-0151, 90-1z 25-0315-0487, 90-1z 20-0308-0298, 90-1z 14-0300-0378, 90-1z 14-0305-0218, 90-1z 30-0400-0488, 90-1z 16-0384-0210, 90-1z 30-0461-28-1, 90-1z 30-0461-28-2, 90-1z 30-0461-0125, 90-1z 30-0461-0260, 90-1z 30-0461-0278, 90-1z 30-0561-0432, 90-1z 40-0595-0480, 90-1z 30-0766-38, 90-1z 30-0832-15-1, 90-1z 30-0980-16-8, 90-1z 30-0980-0163, 90-1z 30-0980-0106, 90-1z 20-1210-0195, 90-1z 40-1584-0195, 90-1z 40-1815-0106, 90-1z 50-2071-0315, 90-1z 40-2248-55
2. Special slewing rings ( O )
2.1 Ball slewing rings :
9O-1B17-0183-0320, 9O-1B17-0183-0245, 9O-1B17-0183-0482, 9O-1B17-0183-0322, 9O-1B17-0183-0332, 9O-1B17-0183-0244, 9O-1B25-0310-0923, 9O-1B25-0310-0239-1, 9O-1B14-0225-0360, 9O-1B14-0225-0941, 9O-1B21-0310-0296, 9O-1B21-0310-0296HL, 9O-1B30-0360-0340, 9O-1B25-0408-0292, 9O-1B25-0410-0404, 9O-1B25-0410-0498, 9O-1B22-0414-0490, 9O-1B33-0460-0405, 9O-1B20-0405-0229, 9O-1B25-0440-0270, 9O-1B25-0270HL, 9O-1B25-0474-0293, 9O-1B1B25-0475-0289, 9O-1B22-0544-0429, 9O-1B25-0550-0272, 9O-1B25-0550-0272HL, 9O-1B20-0580-0228, 9O-1B20-0590-0271, 9O-1B20-0590-0271HL, 9O-1B20-0590-0510, 9O-1B20-0590-0510HL, 9O-1B20-0660-0132, 9O-1B22-0744-0498, 9O-1B13-0787-0230, 9O-1B17-0945-0426, 9O-1B35-1065-0747, 9O-1B36-1282-0422, 9O-1B25-1889-0127,
2.2 Cylindrical roller slewing ring :
9O-1Z10-0147-0376, 9O-1Z10-0225-0247, 9O-1Z10-0225-0456, 9O-1Z20-0344-0395, 9O-1Z10-0280-0432, 9O-1Z14-0305-0115, 9O-1Z22-0337-0416, 9O-1Z25-0384-0246, 9O-1Z14-0384-86, 9O-1Z25-0384-18, 9O-1Z25-0384-04038, 9O-1Z14-86-1, 9O-1Z14-0405-0137, 9O-1Z14-0405-0155, 9O-1Z25-0400-0143, 9O-1Z30-0461-28, 9O-1Z14-0405-0147, 9O-1Z14-0405-0148, 9O-1Z14-0530-0154, 9O-1Z16-0548-0338, 9O-1Z20-0550-0424, 9O-1Z30-0766-38-1, 9O-1Z10-0787-0262, 9O-1Z10-0980-16-3, 9O-1Z40-1621-0425, 9O-1Z40-2248-55-1

3. Cross roller slewing rings ( E ) :
9E-1Z14-0222-0430, 9E-1Z14-0254-0110, 9E-1Z14-0254-0119-1, 9E-1Z16-0310-0111, 9E-1Z16-0310-0111-1, 9E-1Z16-0310-0517, 9E-1Z25-0348-18-1, 9E-1Z30-0451-0126, 9E-1Z30-0451-0119, 9E-1Z20-0474-0100, 9E-1Z30-0508-0236, 9E-1Z25-0675-0145, 9E-1Z20-0730-0101, 9E-1Z30-0766-0214, 9E-1Z30-0823-37, 9E-1Z30-0823-15, 9E-1Z30-0823-15-2, 9E-1Z30-0823-80, 9E-1Z30-0823-15-3, 9E-1Z30-0980-0294, 9E-1Z36-1116-0237, 9E-1Z40-1121-0450, 9E-1Z40-1124-0436, 9E-1Z40-1250-0263, 9E-1Z50-1300-0231, 9E-1Z40-1584-26, 9E-1Z40-1584-26-1, 9E-1Z40-1584-0371, 9E-1Z50-1700-0232, 9E-1Z30-2345-0340-1

4.Special slewing rings ( E )
4.1 Ball slewing rings :
9E-1B20-0287-0499, 9E-1B20-0287-0442, 9E-1B32-0419-0398, 9E-1B45-0453-0505, 9E-1B32-0521-0459, 9E-1B32-0519-0496, 9E-1B30-0520-0500, 9E-1B45-0559-0455, 9E-1B45-0559-0348, 9E-1B45-0614-0453, 9E-1B20-0744-0448, 9E-1B45-0857-0336, 9E-1B45-0857-0347, 9E-1B40-0867-0466, 9E-1B20-0969-0213, 9E-1B20-0969-0213-1, 9E-1B25-0984-0445, 9E-2B20-0971-0112, 9E-1B40-1676-0494
4.2 : Cylindrical roller slewing rings :
9E-1Z10-0152-0307, 9E-1Z10-0152-0524, 9E-1Z14-0305-3-1, PSL912-25-1, 9E-1Z20-0498-0227, 9E-1Z30-0668-0331, 9E-1Z30-0668-0331-1, 9E-1Z40-0855-45, 9E-1Z1Z30-0823-0277, PSL912-37, PSL912-23-1, 9E-1Z30-0980-0224, 9E-1Z30-0980-0276, 9E-1Z30-0980-16-1, 9E-1Z30-0980-16-4, 9E-1Z30-0980-16-4P4, 9E-1Z30-0980-1P5, 9E-1Z30-0980-16-18, 9E-1Z30-0980-16-7, 9E-1Z30-0980-16-1P4, 9E-1Z30-0980-0458, 9E-1Z30-1035-21, 9E-1Z30-1035-21-1, 9E-1Z30-1420-22, PSL912-36, 9E-1Z36-2345-0349

5. Cross roller slewing rings :
9I-1Z15-0415-0189, 9I-1Z16-0145-0196, 9I-1Z16-0415-0510, 9I-1Z30-0790-0475, 9I-1Z30-1035-0174, 9I-1Z30-1090-0103, 9I-1Z30-1120-0356, 9I-1Z25-1075-0300, 9I-1Z40-1175-30, 9I-1Z30-1305-0406, 9I-1Z25-1315-0374, 9I-1Z40-1432-29, 9I-1Z40-1385-0301, 9I-1Z30-1437-52, 9I-1Z40-1508-0192, 9I-1Z40-1532-0194

Special slewing rings
Ball slewing rings :
9I-1B25-0310-0178, 9I-1B25-0310-0178-1, 9I-1B25-0410-0240, 9I-1B25-0410-0240-1, 9I-1B25-0410-0497, 9I-1B33-0450-0306, 9I-1B33-0450-0306-1, 9I- 1B20-0455-0133, 9I-1B25-0547-0156, 9I-1B25-0570-0221, 9I-1B36-0715-0254, 9I-1B25-0720-0190, 9I-1B20-0741-0279, 9I-1B30-0990-0169, 9I-1B25-1014-0250, 9I-1B30-1050-0375, 9I-1B32-1087-0413, 9I-1B30-1094-0314, 9I-1B40-1000-0339, 9I-1B22-1086-0459, 9I-1B32-1157-0382, 9I-1B40-1155-0495, 9I-1B40-1250-0358, 9I-1B45-1240-0506, 9I-1B45-1240-0454-1, 9I-1B45-1240-0454, 9I-1B30-1205-0251, 9I-1B40-1252-0364, 9I-1B32-1243-0360, 9I-1B40-1350-0483, 9I-1B35-1344-0368, 9I-1B50-1470-0203, 9I-1B40-1420-0365
Cylindrial roller slewing rings :
9I-1Z25-1075-0330, 9I-1Z30-1198-0120, 9I-1Z40-1432-29-3, PSL912-29, PSL912-52

what is the slewing bearing

When you’re looking for a bearing option that can handle large loads and be very flexible with product design, slewing ring bearings is the best choice for you. Our slewing ring bearings have a very high load carrying capability. In fact, they are able to accept combined loads, including axial, radial, and tilting movement.

When it comes to flexibility, slewing ring bearings give engineers options to choose from. These choices can make slewing ring bearings highly customizable. Here are some product specifications of slewing ring bearings:

1.Size and location of bolt hole patterns can vary

2.Can be provided with an internal or external gear

3.Ball or crossed roller bearing design

4. Single or two row ball bearing design available

5. Lubrication holes are available

6. Preloading options are available as well as variations in clearance

If those options aren’t enough for you, our engineers can work with you for  further customization.


1. Wind Power

2.Off-highway equipment

3. Packaging machinery

4. Cranes

5.Drilling and mining

6. Satellite equipment

The kaydon slewing bearing replacement we can customized

The following series  models we can produced

nner and outer with flange slewing bearing:RK6-16P1Z,RK6-22P1Z,RK6-25P1Z,RK6-29P1Z,RK6-33P1Z,RK6-37P1Z,RK6-43P1Z

Inner tooth outer flange turntable bearing:RK6-16N1Z,RK6-22N1Z,RK6-25N1Z,RK6-29N1Z,RK6-33N1Z,RK6-37N1Z,RK6-43N1Z

Outer tooth inner flange slewing bearing :RK6-16E1Z,RK6-22E1Z,RK6-25E1Z,RK6-29E1Z,RK6-33E1Z,RK6-37E1Z,RK6-43E1Z

no tooth no flange swing bearing:HS6-16P1Z ,HS6-21P1Z , HS6-25P1Z ,HS6-29P1Z,HS6-33P1Z ,HS6-37P1Z ,HS6- 43P1Z

inner tooth slewing bearing ring without flange:HS6-16N1Z ,HS6-21N1Z ,HS6-25N1Z ,HS6-29N1Z ,HS6-33N1Z,HS6-37N1Z ,HS6- 43N1Z

outer tooth slewing ring without flange:HS6-16E1Z ,HS6-21E1Z ,HS6-25E1Z ,HS6-29E1Z ,HS6-33E1Z ,HS6-37E1Z ,HS6- 43E1Z

No tooth :HT10-30P1Z,HT10-36P1Z ,HT10-42P1Z ,HT10-48P1Z ,HT10-54P1Z ,HT10- 60P1Z

Inner tooth :HT10-30N1Z ,HT10-36N1Z,HT10-42N1Z ,HT10-48N1Z ,HT10-54N1Z ,HT10- 60N1Z

Outer tooth:HT10-30E1Z ,HT10-36E1Z,HT10-42E1Z,HT10-48E1Z ,HT10-54E1Z ,HT10- 60E1Z

By the way we can customized the slewing bearing depend on your request or drawngs , we have the professional technical team.

Slewing bearing for public works machine excavator

Slewing bearings are widely applied in machines for public works. Usually the slewing rings for public works need to have high rigidity, undertake heavy loads, provide stable rotation, and resistant to impact load. Easy to disassemble or install is also an important factor.

Slewing bearing for excavators
(crawler excavators, wheel excavators, light duty excavators, etc.) Big size slewing bearing with external gear teeth or internal gear teeth are often used on the base of the excavator, which connecting the cabin and the base. Small size slewing bearings are often used in the swiveling boom of the excavators.
We can provide many brand of excavator slewing bearing , like Caterpillar, Komatsu ,Dawoo,Hitachi and so on
Caterpillar Excavator 320B, 320L, 215B, 225B, 980C, 3408B, 3306, 3406, 320, 245B models, for Komatsu Excavator PC60, PC100-5, PC120, PC200, PC220, PC300, PC400 models, Volvo EC210B, EC210, 240, 240 models, Hitachi EX60-2, EX60 EX60-1-5, EX120 EX100-1-5, EX200-1, 2, EX200 EX200 – – 3, EX300 EX200-5-3, 200, ZAXL350 models, etc.

HGB Slewing Drive Simple Introduction

The slewing drive is a full-circle slewing reduction transmission mechanism that integrates a driving power source. It uses a slewing bearing as a transmission follower and a mechanism attachment. By attaching a driving member and a drive source to one of the inner and outer rings of the slewing bearing And the cover, and the other ring is used as both the driving follower and the connection base of the driven working part. This makes use of the characteristics of the slewing bearing itself as a full-circle slewing connector to efficiently configure the driving power source and the main transmission. Parts, making it a universal reduction transmission mechanism that integrates slewing, deceleration and driving functions, yet has a simple structure and is easy to manufacture and maintain.

According to the type of variable speed transmission of slewing drive, it can be divided into toothed slewing drive and worm gear slewing drive, inheriting the characteristics of gear drive and worm gear worm drive. These two types of slewing drive can be adapted to medium and high-speed applications In terms of load-carrying capacity, the worm gear and worm gear perform better than the tooth type. When the envelope worm drive is used, its load-carrying capacity, anti-deformation ability, and transmission rigidity are further improved. However, the worm gear worm rotary drive is more efficient in terms of efficiency. Inferior to toothed slewing drive.

According to the openness of the slewing drive transmission, the slewing drive can be divided into open and closed. Generally, the open structure is mostly used in applications where the environment is too harsh and the maintenance and repair cycle is short. Inspection, maintenance, and service are also easier to replace. Where the environmental conditions do not change much and the environment pollution level is below moderate, the closed structure can provide a long maintenance life cycle.

Insufficient High End Market for Slewing Bearings

China’s slewing bearing market demand will be saturated. In view of the fact that China’s slewing bearing production tends to be saturated at present, it has few high-tech contents and the quality is not too hard. Looking at the market of excavators with high requirements for slewing bearing tooth quenching and raceway quenching, domestic excavators are used in projects. All imported equipment, Komatsu in Japan, Hyundai in Korea, and Caterpillar in the United States, although the price is expensive, the construction unit still selected it. The main reasons for purchasing capital are high quality, key components with high reliability, long service life, and easy damage. The anchor cannot be thrown at critical times, the construction period cannot be delayed, credibility cannot be affected, and some engineering disputes can be avoided.


There are many factors restricting the development of China’s excavators, but the quality of mechanical parts, such as slewing bearings and hydraulic components, is not hard, which is an important link. From the comparison with foreign slewing bearings, the materials and heat treatment technology and tooth hardening technology of domestic slewing bearings are far behind. This requires the unremitting efforts of the majority of engineering and technical personnel to study hard and strive to catch up with the world’s advanced technology as soon as possible for slewing bearings. Go abroad and lay the foundation for the world.

Application of Slewing Drive

The slewing drive is a new type of slewing product, usually called slewing bearing. It is usually composed of the worm, slewing bearing, housing, motor, and other components. Because the core component adopts slewing bearing, it can bear axial force, radial force, and overturning moment at the same time.

Application areas of the rotary drive

Compared with the traditional rotary products, the rotary drive has the advantages of simple installation, easy maintenance, and greater installation space-saving. This product can be widely used in construction machinery and new energy fields such as solar tracker systems, heavy-duty flatbed trucks, container cranes, truck-mounted cranes, aerial work vehicles, wind power generation and so on.


Advantages of Luoyang Hengguan Slewing Drive

1.Slewing drive: open type (S series), with housing type (SE series), double worm (S / SE-2 series), vertical type (VE series) and dual-axis type (SDE series), and can be customized according to customers’ technical requirements design products of any specification and structure. Products are widely used in solar power generation, construction machinery, construction machinery, metallurgical mining machinery, ship and port machinery, and other industries.

2.People-oriented, scientific management, honesty and trustworthiness, pioneering management principles, advanced production equipment, sophisticated processing technology, and perfect testing methods will help the company build a well-known brand of customer satisfaction and reassurance.

3.Technology: Constant innovation keeps the design performance of Hengguan rotary drive products in line with international standards.

4.Manufacturing: Each process adopts advanced CNC processing technology and equipment and 100% rigorous testing before leaving the factory, which makes Hengguan rotary drive products of excellent quality.

5.Management: The entire manufacturing process adopts modern scientific management methods to make each step of the production process traceable.

6.Service: Carefully designed and precision manufactured to meet customer requirements, providing high-quality rotary drive products that meet customer requirements, so that our dedicated service runs through.