Factors Affecting Bearing Capacity of Slewing Bearings and Methods of Improving Bearing Capacity

Rotary support is a key component for rotating mechanical devices. It can support and rotate weight, so that the device can rotate smoothly. The loading capacity of the rotation support refers to the larger load or weight it can withstand. The loading capacity of the rotary support depends on multiple factors. For specific factors, please affect the factors of the carrier support capacity and the method of increasing the carrying capacity.

1. Factors affecting the loading capacity of the rotary branch

1. Structure design

The structural design of the rotary support directly affects its carrying capacity. Designers need to consider factors such as the materials, size, shape, and bearings of the support to ensure that they can withstand the required load.

2. Material strength

The rotary support is usually made of high -strength metal materials, such as steel. The strength of the material determines the resistance and bending ability of the rotation support, which affects its carrying capacity.

3. Bearing type

The internal internal internal of the rotation supports is usually included in the bearing system to reduce friction and support rotation. The type and quality of the bearings directly affect the carrying capacity of the rotation support. Common bearing types include rolling bearings and sliding bearings.

4. Working environment

The loading capacity of the rotation support will also be affected by the working environment. For example, if the rotary support is working in a high temperature or harsh chemical environment, the corrosion resistance and thermal resistance of the material will become a key factor.

Slewing ring
2. Methods to improve the loading capacity of the rotary branch

1. Optimize the design of support structure

In order to improve the loading capacity of the rotary support, you need to choose good quality support. The second is to optimize the structure design to improve its carrying capacity. For example, strengthening the contact between the steel ball and the arc running in the contact area of the supporting area, increasing the bearing area of the supporting support can effectively improve the support capacity of the support.

2. Use and maintain correctly

In addition, correct use and maintenance support is also the key to improving its carrying capacity. Regular inspections and maintenance can ensure the normal operation of the support, which can effectively use the life.

Factors affecting the loading capacity of the rotary branch are usually tested and evaluated during the manufacturer’s design and manufacturing process. When using the re -supporting support, it is necessary to ensure that the load applied should not exceed its bearing capacity to avoid damage or accidents. Specific carrying capacity parameters can usually be found in the technical specifications of the rotating support products or the technical materials of the manufacturer.