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Who makes the slewing bearing for pelletizer the best in China

Recently, Luoyang Hengguan Bearing Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hengguan Bearing), designed and manufactured for a large group company in Northeast China, the special slewing bearing for the 6-meter disc ball machine (ball-forming disc) has been successfully completed and passed the test of finished product. It has been sent to a third-party construction […]

Disassembly method of slewing bearing

Bearings, as a kind of mechanical conventional parts, are unavoidable with the use of equipment, so when our equipment or machines are routinely repaired or damaged, we need to disassemble the bearings, especially when the bearings are disassembled for faults, check the parts around the bearings, lubricate them. The situation of the agent and the […]

How to clean the slewing bearinig ? What are the scope of its application?

Mechanical work by the inevitable intrusion of dust and impurities, as a heavy machinery or equipment used in large bearings, each having its own rotary bearing mounting hole, and lubricating oil holes sealing means, but still be affected complex environment. Once raised properly, may cause mechanical member rotatable with the debris into the interior of […]

Drawing pile drum slewing bearing selection and use

The pushing machine is to utilize vibration, static or hammering action to pull the pile of the formation of the formation of the formation of the formation. The pilot operation is often used to vibrate pile driver, static pressure pile machine or double-active hammer, and then equipped with pile frame and rigging, so it is […]

Successful installation and commissioning of high-precision double-row cross roller bearings

At the beginning of this month, Luoyang Hengguan Bearing Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hengguan Bearing) provided a customer in Zhejiang with high-precision double-row crossed cylindrical roller slewing bearings for machining rotating platforms. All indicators have met or exceeded At the request of the purchaser, it was successfully delivered to the purchaser; the […]

What are the characteristics of the cross wave roller slewing bearing?

Roller slewing bearing are one of the main types of crossed roller bearings. They are composed of two races, optional rollers at the cross-rotating position, retaining (isolation block), sealing device and other components. Such as the waist rotation of robots, automated robots require precise rotation of rotating disks, welding station turntables, large-diameter rotating disks, large-diameter […]

Characteristics of stainless steel slewing ring

Nowadays, industrial technology is developing more and more rapidly, and various stainless steel materials are also being used in large quantities at this time. Industrial production cannot do without mechanical equipment, so many mechanical equipment cannot do without stainless steel bearings. Good stainless steel slewing ring bearings can be said to be an important guarantee […]

How to install the slewing bearing of large amusement rides?

Slewing ring is a large-scale bearing often used in modern machinery and equipment, which can bear large axial and radial coincidence and overturning moments at the same time. At the same time, it is also an important part of the large-scale amusement equipment slewing system, which bears various loads during the operation of the equipment. […]