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Effective utilization and adjustment of slewing bearing clearance

Slewing bearings are mainly used in lifting, construction machinery and other large-scale engineering machinery and equipment. They mainly bear axial force and overturning moment. However, in many cases, overturning moment is the main load of the bearing. Under the action of the overturning moment, the angular deformation of the bearing will greatly affect the stiffness […]

Existing form and working principle of excavator slewing bearing

Excavator is one of the important equipment in modern engineering construction. The excavator can rotate left and right during work, which is inseparable from the credit of the slewing mechanism. It is one of the important components of the hydraulic excavator. The slewing mechanism is connected with the walking device through a slewing support, and […]

Slewing bearing different structure, different advantages

Single row/double row Ball Slew Ring Bearings The single-row four-point contact ball slewing bearing is composed of two seat rings. Designed for average axial forces and tilting moments as well as high radial forces Compared with the single-row version, the double row bearing can support higher loads at the same diameter Applications: Mechanical engineering, construction […]

Types, Characteristics and applications of slewing bearing

With the continuous advancement of technology in recent years, machinery industry has achieved rapid development, which has also driven the market demand for slewing bearings. Slewing bearing is called the joint of the machine or the large-scale mechanical rotation bearing, which can withstand the combined loads such as the larger axial load, radial load and […]

The YRT turntable bearing

The YRT turntable bearing is composed of a set of thrust / radial seat ring, a thrust / radial shaft ring, a thrust washer, two roller cage assemblies, and a set of radial cylindrical rollers. The seat ring and the shaft ring have evenly distributed screw holes for installation. This type of bearing has a […]

The Wide range application of slewing bearing

With the rapid development of machinery industry, the application range of slewing bearing has been gradually expanded, and slewing bearings have been widely used instead of original bearings. Construction machinery is the initial application of slewing bearings is also the most widely used places, such as earth-moving machinery, excavators, dismantling machines,heap picking machines, graders, rollers, […]

What are the components of the turntable bearing

The turntable bearing is also called the slewing bearing,It is a kind of large bearing which can bear large axial load, radial load and overturning moment simultaneously.turntable bearings are generally equipped with mounting holes ,internal or external, gear oil holes and sealing devices Therefore, it can make the structure design of the main engine compact, […]

Analysis of characteristics and machining difficulties of segmented ring gear

The processing technic requirements of segmented ring gear is very strict. There are several important features: segmentation, high requirements for tooth accuracy, tooth quenching, precise locating stop requirements, etc. It usually adopts high-quality 42CrMo material during processing. After quenching and tempering treatment, the material stability is improved. At the same time, the technic of coarse […]