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High speed low noise slewing bearing bearings are shipped

Recently, the high-end slewing bearing for medical CT machine designed and produced by our company for customers has been successfully rolled off the production line, and all the indicators of the finished product have passed the inspection. For the CT machine special slewing bearing, we understand the various technical requirements of the customer, and calculate […]

How long does the turntable bearing grease is filled?

The turntable bearings are widely used in construction machinery and other equipment platforms. During the use of turntable bearings, the lubrication work is very important that there is no lubrication will greatly reduce the life of the bearing, to ensure that the bearing is effective, reliable, and the bearings must be sufficient. Lubrication, lubrication is […]

Talking about the cold treatment process of bearing steel

The heat treatment operation of continuously cooling the quenched workpiece from normal temperature to a lower temperature to transform the retained austenite into martensite is called cold treatment. The purpose of cold treatment is to improve the hardness and wear resistance of steel, and stabilize the size of the workpiece. It is mainly used for […]

What are the requirements for the packaging of bearings?

For bearing products, packaging is very important, not only to prevent rust, but also to protect the bearing from bumps during transportation and damage to the bearing. Bearing packaging is divided into inner packaging and outer packaging. So, what are the requirements for the packaging of bearings? First, the inner packaging of the bearing After […]

How to maintain the crane slewing ring?

The slewing bearing is an important “joint” of the crane, so its maintenance is very important. So how to maintain the crane slewing ring? When carrying out maintenance work, the first thing to pay attention to is the danger of being dragged into the rotating pinion, as well as the danger of crushing and shearing. […]

Which bearings are used in wind turbines?

Wind turbines are installed in areas with windy sand or relatively high humidity in the wild. The working conditions of wind turbine bearings are very harsh, and the temperature, humidity, and load that need to be subjected to a wide range of changes. In particular, the yaw and pitch bearings need to withstand large axial […]

Methods and measures to improve bearing fatigue life

Bearings are key machine parts that bear load and transmit motion. The challenges brought about by the increasing power density of modern equipment manufacturing industry have put forward higher requirements on the bearing capacity and reliability of bearings. Today, the editor will come to talk with you about methods and measures to improve bearing fatigue […]

Why the slewing bearing is not installed smoothly or even cannot rotate?

Sometimes the technical indicators were normal when the rotation performance was tested in the factory, but the newly installed slewing bearing and slewing ring showed inflexible rotation. In addition, why the slewing bearing is not installed smoothly or even cannot rotate? Reasons for the unsmooth installation of the slewing bearing 1, mounting hole. The threaded […]

Technical Difficulties of Fault Diagnosis for Ladle Turret slewing bearing

The ladle turntable is one of the important key equipment of the continuous casting machine. Once these key equipment fails, it may cause the entire production line to stop production, disrupt the normal production rhythm, and seriously affect the normal production and economic benefits of the enterprise. In the structure of the ladle turret, the […]