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The special reckle of the bearing of the bearing of the bearing of the bucket pile was successfully installed and commissioned!

Recently, Luoyang Hengguan Bearing Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hengguan Bearing) is a large domestic pile -up materials manufacturer in China. The installation and debugging were successful a few days ago! The rotary support bearing was repaired and repaired by the pile of the power plant. Due to the years of disrepair, the […]

Which is good for domestic high -quality anticorrosive anti -rust, anti -rust, corrosion, rotation bearing?

Recently, Luoyang Hengguan Bearing Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hengguan Bearing), the anti -corrosion -proof rotation support for the production of production has been smoothly offline, and passed the finished product acceptance to the customer’s hands. The rotary support bearing requires high requirements and belongs to high precision -grade bearing. The constant crown […]

Five common methods of how to deal with slewing bearing damage

Slewing bearing, also known as slewing bearing, is a new type of mechanical part composed of inner and outer rings and rolling elements. In various construction machinery such as automobiles, cranes, excavators, etc., slewing bearing is to transmit the axial working load of a turntable and chassis , radial horizontal load and overturning torque key […]

Which company ball pelletizer slewing bearing is doing well?

Recently, Luoyang Hengguan Bearing Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hengguan Bearing), designed and manufactured for a large group company in Northeast China, the special slewing bearing for the 6-meter disc ball machine (ball-forming disc) has been successfully completed and passed the finished product. It has been sent to a third-party construction site for […]

Maintenance and daily maintenance methods of slewing ring bearings

Slewing bearing is also known as slewing ring bearing. Due to the wide application of slewing bearing and the relatively low cost, proper repair and maintenance are very important to prolong the life of the bearing, and normal maintenance can ensure the normal operation of the bearing. Work, today Hengguan Xiaobian has sorted out the […]

What are the main failure modes of bearings?

When the bearing is in use, due to its own quality and external conditions, its performance such as rotation accuracy, bearing capacity and anti-friction performance will change. When the performance index of a bearing is lower than the use requirements and affects normal work, This is called bearing damage or failure. The following is a […]

How to install wind turbine slewing bearing? Briefly describe its installation points and precautions

In recent years, clean energy represented by wind power has developed rapidly in my country, which has played a positive role in relieving energy pressure and environmental pressure. Wind power generation equipment generally has a long working time and harsh operating environment, so the performance requirements of its own bearing are relatively high; slewing bearing […]