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Analysis of characteristics and machining difficulties of segmented ring gear

The processing technic requirements of segmented ring gear is very strict. There are several important features: segmentation, high requirements for tooth accuracy, tooth quenching, precise locating stop requirements, etc. It usually adopts high-quality 42CrMo material during processing. After quenching and tempering treatment, the material stability is improved. At the same time, the technic of coarse […]

How to installation slewing bearing soft belt

The right way to installation slewing bearing soft belt The raceway of the slewing bearing device generally needs to be heat-treated, and the usual processes are: forging, roughing, quenching and tempering, finishing, smoothing, surface quenching of the raceway surface, and grinding of the raceway surface. The surface of the raceway surface is quenched to form […]

Analyze the oil resistance of the slewing bearing seal material 

In all kinds of large-scale machinery and equipment, especially those with rotating, conveying, and transportation mechanical ,there all need the slewing bearings.Due to the influence of the working environment, the slewing bearing has a sealing ring part,It is the main condition to ensure the sealing operation,It not only effectively prevents the intrusion of foreign dust […]

The larger OD 4m slewing bearing for bucket-wheel stacker reclaimer

We have ship the big size three row cross roller slewing bearing to Customer On July 20 ,2020 The larger OD 4m slewing bearing for bucket-wheel stacker reclaimer Three-row roller slewing ring has 3 seat-rings,Upper Orbit,Nether Orbit and Radial Orbit are separated individually,it makes the load of each row of the rollers can be confirmed,so […]

precision bearings for Industrial robotics and warehousing robotics

Under the influence of international environment, it has become an inevitable trend to develop industrial robot industry vigorously Slewing bearings plays an important role in the development of industrial robots.It’s called the joint of the machine. Industrial robots are widely used in manufacturing workshops HGB offers bearings for Industrial robotics and warehousing robotics, We can […]

Slewing Rings for Radar Military

Our special design Radar military slewing rings are popular in satellite antennas, tank, santi-aircraft gun, radar, missile launcher and so on. We can produce steel, aluminum and titanium bearings for the most demanding and prestigious customer that matching the highest technical requirement. Anyway, to ensure the quality of this application, the slewing rings (turntable bearings) […]

Slovakia PSL slewing bearing we can customized

We supply OEM slewing ring to customer according to PSL standard and specification, the quality of our product is same as original PSL slewing ring bearing. 1.Slewing Bearing(O) 90-1z 20-0220-0184, 90-1z 14-0193-0152, 90-1z 12-0222-0440-1, 90-1z 14-0222-0440, 90-1z-10-0216-0177, 90-1z 14-0254-0168, 90-1z 10-0250-0176, 90-1z 20-0296-0151, 90-1z 25-0315-0487, 90-1z 20-0308-0298, 90-1z 14-0300-0378, 90-1z 14-0305-0218, 90-1z 30-0400-0488, 90-1z 16-0384-0210, […]

what is the slewing bearing

FEATURES OF SLEWING RING BEARINGS When you’re looking for a bearing option that can handle large loads and be very flexible with product design, slewing ring bearings is the best choice for you. Our slewing ring bearings have a very high load carrying capability. In fact, they are able to accept combined loads, including axial, […]