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Reason why the slewing bearing shake when the excavator is working

The excavator can rotate left and right during operation, and it is inseparable from the function of the slewing device. The slewing ring is an important part of the slewing device, which is mainly used to support the mass of the upper car body and bear the working load. Because the slewing bearings of excavators […]

Detailed description of rolling bearing precision grade and selection

Bearing is one of the commonly used parts in mechanical equipment, due to the different precision requirements of the equipment, plus the bearing precision provided by different manufacturers are also different.But no matter how the requirements of the bearing precision, for the bearing precision or there is a level of standard, in addition, the choice […]

Maintenance work of the rotary mechanism of the drilling rig

During the use of the drilling rig, the problems that are prone to occur in the slewing system are the wear of the slewing bearing steel ball, the pitting of the output gear of the slewing reducer, and the wear of the slewing brake friction plate. How to reduce the occurrence of the above-mentioned problems […]

Pretightening requirements for turntable bearing bolts

The connection of the turntable bearing depends on fasteners such as bolts, so the quality choice of bolts and the way of loading and unloading will affect the performance of the turntable bearing.Today, let us introduce you about the pre-tightening requirements of the turntable bearing bolts. The purpose of preloading is to increase the reliability […]