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HGB delivery SE7 slewing drive to Australia

On August 18, 2019, Luoyang Hengguan Bearing company will ship one set of SE7 slewing drive to Australia by air. This slewing drive SE7 is used for crane. On the same time, we match cranking handle for our customer. For slewing drive, we can produce size from 3 inch to 25 inch, including S, SE, […]

HGB slewing bearing for ship unloader

On July 1, 2019, our company (Luoyang Hengguan Bearing) produced large three row roller slewing bearing for the unloading machine in Fujian. The installation and commissioning was completed, and it was highly praised by the owners! The original slewing bearing of this ship unloader is a slewing bearing with external gear four-point contact ball slewing […]

Precautions and maintenance of slewing bearings on the reclaimer.

The reclaimer is a continuous and efficient bulk loading and unloading machine. It is widely used in raw materials fields of power plants, ports, steel plants, chemical plants, cement plants and other basic industries. It is suitable for strip or circular storage yards. Piles of bulk raw materials such as coal, iron ore, and limestone […]

Excavator slewing bearing solution for broken teeth

The problem of slewing bearing breaking teeth mainly occurs in the internal meshing and hard tooth surface (tooth surface hardness ≥HRC50), such as excavators, rotary drills, crawler cranes, etc. The external meshing and soft tooth surface (tooth surface hardness ≤ HRC30), the phenomenon of broken teeth is rarely seen. According to the research and manufacturing […]

Large slewing bearing processing technology

Abstract The paper introduces several key processes of large-scale pivoting support and measures taken for the production with the result that the products can meet the requirements marked in the drawings. Descriptors super huge bearing, processing , quench-hardening, deformation. Large slewing bearing, also known as slewing bearing or extra large bearing, is a large bearing […]

Structure and scope of slewing bearing

The slewing bearing is also a kind of bearing. The type distribution and structural characteristics of the slewing bearing are also very complicated. There are single row and cross type and roller type slewing bearings. At the same time, to a large extent, The uniform applicability of the slewing ring in various application areas is […]

How to change and fix the slewing bearing of port crane.

First, introduction During the loading and unloading operation of the door machine, it is inevitable that accidental centrifugal force and stress concentration will occur during the simultaneous operation of turning and lifting, resulting in damage of the large rotating bearing (the bearing type used in the 40-ton door machine described in this paper is 132.50.1500.03K5). […]

Design and manufacture of wind power slewing bearing

The guarantee of wind power slewing bearing quality is mainly reflected in the design and manufacture. It integrates domestic and foreign enterprises and institutions to design and manufacture wind power slewing bearings. We have made key technologies for the design and manufacture of wind power slewing bearings. Research, a brief introduction, I hope to be […]

Analysis of slewing bearing raceway and rolling element damage

Due to incorrect installation of the slewing bearing raceways and rolling elements, overload operation, poor heat treatment, unreliable sealing devices, etc., premature failure of the slewing bearing raceways and rolling elements. The typical damage symptoms are listed below and the main causes of the damage and the effects on the slewing work are described. 1. […]