Which company ball pelletizer slewing bearing is doing well?

Recently, Luoyang Hengguan Bearing Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hengguan Bearing), designed and manufactured for a large group company in Northeast China, the special slewing bearing for the 6-meter disc ball machine (ball-forming disc) has been successfully completed and passed the finished product. It has been sent to a third-party construction site for installation and trial operation.

The disc pelletizer refers to the equipment used to manufacture green pellets in the pellet production process. Disc pelletizers are widely used in non-ferrous metallurgy, cement, steel, fertilizer and other industrial fields. In the process of application, the design of disc pelletizers has been continuously innovated and perfected, so that the disc pelletizers have reliable functions. , High-quality equipment with rigorous structure, excellent effect, less wear, low energy consumption and easy maintenance. The new disc pelletizing machine is mainly composed of disc body, transmission system, slewing bearing, rotary scraper device, disc body inclination adjustment device, lubrication system and other parts. This time, Hengguan Bearing mainly manufactures one component of the slewing ring bearing. Hengguan Bearing has produced 6-meter and 7.5-meter ball machine slewing ring bearings.
The 6-meter ball machine slewing ring bearing is designated by the owner of our company’s slewing ring bearing, and the ball machine manufacturer is entrusted to purchase it. Since the owner’s on-site ball machine has been shut down due to a problem with the slewing ring, a new set of slewing ring bearings is urgently needed for replacement, so as to resume normal operation as soon as possible. After receiving the order, our company immediately arranged the time to put materials into production; and made innovations and improvements according to the actual use of the old slewing ring bearings on site. Shipped smoothly within 25 days of the order taking effect.

For the on-site problem (1): the slewing bearing is prone to jam and standstill during the operation; this phenomenon occurs because the ball machine is not running horizontally when it is in working state, but during the operation. It is caused by a certain angle of inclination; in the normal slewing bearing raceway, it is composed of rolling elements and spacer blocks; when all rolling elements are tilted and transported, due to the action of gravity, it will cause extrusion, jamming, standstill, etc. Happening. Hengguan Bearing has innovatively improved the slewing bearing cage, so that each rolling element can keep rotating in place, so that this problem can be easily solved.
For the on-site problem (2): the oil leakage of the raceway is serious when the slewing bearing is running; due to the inclined operation of the slewing bearing of the ball machine, the ordinary rubber sealing strip is not tightly sealed, and the raceway leaks under the action of gravity. The oil phenomenon is serious, which is not good for bearing lubrication. In response to this phenomenon, the engineers of Hengguan Bearing proposed to use a double-layer special seal, the internal use of the secret palace type wool seal, and the outer ring to be sealed with a steel plate by direct pressure; the on-site oil leakage phenomenon was properly solved.
There are always more solutions than difficulties. Hengguan Bearing, aiming at the actual use of slewing bearing, solves the problem; constantly emancipates the mind, enhances the sense of innovation, the spirit of innovation and the ability of innovation. Achieve innovation in work ideas, innovation in goals and tasks, and innovation in work measures. By innovating the working mechanism, constantly adapting to new situations, studying new situations, summarizing new experiences, exploring new laws, expanding one’s own brain power, and improving work quality and efficiency, Hengguan people strives for each set of slewing ring bearings that leave the factory to allow customers satisfy. Our aim is: to solve problems for customers, to create value, to be a valuable enterprise! Hengguan Bearings, intelligently create the future, only work hard for high-quality slewing ring bearings!