Five common methods of how to deal with slewing bearing damage

Slewing bearing, also known as slewing bearing, is a new type of mechanical part composed of inner and outer rings and rolling elements. In various construction machinery such as automobiles, cranes, excavators, etc., slewing bearing is to transmit the axial working load of a turntable and chassis , radial horizontal load and overturning torque key element, it can withstand various loads, and can withstand a large axial, radial, overturning moment, has been well used in the industry, but there will also be some question. Today, the editor will share with you how to deal with the damage of the slewing bearing?​

Slewing ring
How to deal with slewing bearing damage
1. Inflexible rotation
If the rotation is inflexible, you can check the production time of the slewing bearing first. If the time is longer (such as more than half a year) or the weather is cold, the viscosity of the grease in the raceway of the slewing bearing is likely to increase, resulting in If the work is not working, you need to increase the power, and then restart it. If it still does not work, you must consult the after-sales service in time.

2, does not work after installation
If it does not work normally after installation, there is a high probability that the matching of the host mounting surface and the rotating support surface is not in place, and the mounting surface of the host needs to be processed to meet the requirements, or the gasket filling method can be used, and the size can also be adjusted as needed. The meshing position of the gear, in particular, pay attention to the beating of the gear, and confirm whether there is any debris in the meshing part of the large gear. If there is a problem that cannot be solved, you can replace a rotating bearing with a larger clearance.

3. Does not work during use
If it does not work normally during use, add grease in an appropriate amount, inject lubricating oil according to regulations, and check whether any impurities enter the raceway, and also check the meshing condition of the large and small gears to see if there are any impurities or Broken tooth.

4. Abnormal sound
If there is abnormal sound, you should first check whether the installation surface is flat, or stop the rotation of the slewing bearing first, and then confirm whether there is grease in the raceway. This noise can be eliminated after refueling in time. In addition, pay attention to whether the sealing ring is damaged, whether it is the elastic deformation of the slewing bearing caused by the loosening of the installation bolts, or whether there is a negative gap in the deformed part, etc., you can check whether the above conditions are the first.

5. Swing occurs
If rocking occurs, the mounting bolts of the inner and outer rings should be checked immediately and tightened as specified. Or increase the strength of the steel frame of the support, check whether there is overload work, and operate in strict accordance with the regulations.

The above is about how to deal with the damage of the slewing bearing. In fact, the common problems are inflexible operation, abnormal noise, shaking and breaking. When there is a problem, don’t panic, and carefully find the problem. Once solved, you can continue to use it. Today’s editor’s sharing is here. If you have any questions about the slewing bearing, you can leave a message or call for consultation. Your consultation and message are welcome!