The excavator Liebherr 904 ,934 slewing bearing and shaft for Russia customer

We successfully completed the production of slewing bearings of liebherr 904 and 924 934 slewing bearing and shaft in April

In may we shiped to customer details address , he was very Satisfied with the quality and then will have other order of excavator slewing bearing .he said very gald  have the long-term cooperation with us .

Professional technical support and best service are our strength, when we got the enquiry of bearing from customer ,Fastest response we can give and then send the specific Solutions to customer

Rotek slewing bearings we can customized

Rotek Series 2100 slewing ring

External gear

L6-16N9Z, L6-16N9ZD, L6-22N9Z, L6-16N9ZD, L6-25N9Z, L6-25N9ZD, L6-29N9Z, L6-29N9ZDL6-33N9Z, L6-33N9ZD, L6-37N9Z, L6-37N9ZD, L6-43N9Z, L6-43N9ZD

L9-38N9Z, L9-42N9Z, L9-46N9Z, L9-49N9Z, L9-53N9Z, L9-57N9Z

Internal gear

L6-16E9Z, L6-16E9ZD, L6-22E9Z, L6-22E9ZD, L6-25E9Z, L6-25E9ZD, L6-29E9Z, L6-29E9ZDL6-33E9Z, L6-33E9ZD, L6-37E9Z, L6-37E9ZD, L6-43E9Z, L6-43E9ZD

L9-38E9Z, L9-42E9Z, L9-46E9Z, L9-49E9Z, L9-53E9Z, L9-57E9Z


L4-13P8Z, L4-13P9Z, L4-17P8Z, L4-17P9ZL6-16P9Z, L6-16P9ZD, L6-22P9Z, L6-22P9ZD, L6-25P9Z, L6-25P9ZD, L6-29P9Z, L6-29P9ZDL6-33P9Z, L6-33P9ZD, L6-37P9Z, L6-37P9ZD, L6-43P9Z, L6-43P9ZD

L9-38P9Z, L9-42P9Z, L9-46P9Z, L9-49P9Z, L9-53P9Z, L9-57P9Z

Rotek Series 3000 slewing ring

External Gears

A6-9E1B, A6-11E4, A6-14E10, A8-17E10BC, A12-18E5, A14-18E1L, A8-19E5A, A8-22E6

A10-22E5A, A12-22E2, A14-22E1B, A12-27E3, A8-30E8D, A10-34E6, A12-34E2AG, A14-34E31

A13-38E1, A8-39E12, A8-41E1, A12-42E3, A18-46E4D, A10-47E1, A12-48E12, A14-48E22

A16-53E1A, A18-60E2, A18-74E3, A16-78E4, A18-80E1, A18-89E1, A22-105E2A, A19-111E1

A24-119E11A, A16-152E2

Internal Gears

A8-17N4D, A8-22N2A, A8-25N2, A9-25N3, A10-32N1A, A14-33N1, A10-35N1L, A12-35N5,

A7-38N1, A10-43N28D, A13-46N1A, A12-47N3E, A14-47N5A, A9-54N2, A14-54N10C, A16-59N2

A20-72N5A, A18-80N1, A16-95N6, A20-95N4, A24-107N1, A22-129N1, A22-166N1


A6-9P4, A6-11P5, A-14P3D, A8-17P1DU, A14-19P4, A8-22P11, A13-22P4, A4-23P2A, A9-24P2

A14-24P1A, A14-25P1, A14-31P3, A12-32P2, A12-34P2B, A10-35P1A, A14-43P1, A12-47P2

A14-49P1A, A14-56P1E, A18-60P1B, A16-67P2, A16-79P1A, A16-86P1, A14-89P1, A18-89P1

A22-98P1, A10-110P2D, A12-125P1, A19-150P1

Rotek Series 4000 slewing ring

H7-30E1, H7-38E1, H8-58E2, H7-35N1

Rotek Series 5000 slewing ring

R8-30E3, R8-35E3, R8-39E3, R8-42E3, R8-44E3, R8-46E3, R8-49E3, R8-52E3, R8-55E3

R8-59E3, R8-63E3

Rotek Series 10000 slewing ring

3R6-48E3B, 3R6-49E9, 3R6-55E9, 3R6-63E9, 3R6-71E9, 3R6-79E9, 3R8-79E9, 3R8-88E9

3R6-98E9, 3R10-82E3C, 3R16-197E2

Rotek Series 3000 Bearings

Internal Gears

A8-20N2A, A8-22N2A, A8-22N9, A8-25N1, A8-59N8, A10-22N1B, A10-35N1M, A10-35N14, A10-36N2, A10-42N6, A10-43N28D, A10-48N6B, A10-49N1, A12-30N2, A12-39N3B, A12-43N12, A12-49N8, A12-52N7, A14-29N7, A14-29N1, A14-36N4A, A14-47N5A, A14-49-N12, A14-54N10C, A14-61N3B, A16-58N6B, A16-59N1E, A18-52N11, A18-68N4, A20-55N1, A20-69N1, A20-95N1M, A22-55N17, A22-64N8, A22-79N2, A22-97N1A, A24-79N1E, A24-96N1, A24-107N1,

Gearless Bearings

A7-11P1, A8-11P1AF, A8-19P2B, A8-20P6, A8-22P1, A8-25P1B, A8-41P1, A8-60P1A, A10-23P3A, A10-30P1D, A10-39P4, A10-43P4, A10-55P4, A10-67P1, A12-22P3, A12-30P1, A12-50P1, A12-75P1, A14-24P1B, A14-31P2, A14-56P1C, A16-38P1, A16-77P1, A18-38P1, A18-60P1, A18-85P1, A20-40P1, A20-72P1A, A20-98P1C, A22-98P1, A24-58P1, A24-99P1, A24-119P4.

Heavy duty big diameter slewing bearing

Our factory also can manufacturered the big size high-stabilitys high duty slewing bearing with outer diameter 5m that meet clients details enquiry

.The big size slewing bearing are widely used in offshore floating crane , stacker and reclaimer, harbor crane and other heavy duty equipment.

The strong technical team our factory have , if you have any related demand of slewing bearing , just contact us
Personalized customization you will get depend on our strong team and skilled technique in our factoury .we can meet your heavy duty application demands.

For Bucket wheel reclaimer                 For ship unloaders

Delivery SDE3 Dual Axis Slewing Drive to Australia

On December 12, 2019, Luoyang Hengguan Bearing company delivery three sets of SDE3 with two 24V motor slewing drive to Australia by Air.

The dual-axis slewing drive can adjust the horizontal movement and the pitch angle. It is an important device for solar tracking systems. Luoyang Hengguan can quote prices and freight to customers as fast as possible, providing the best products and services.


We seek to be representative of China top quality machinery supplier.

The Nk-450BV Crane Slewing Bearing Arrived to Repair Factory

The Nk-450BV crane slewing bearing arrived to repair factory at 27th, November .

The customer is very satisfied with the quality and packing.


This slewing bearing structure is four-point contact ball with internal teeth,
1.this series ball slewing bearing is composed of outer and inner race, the rolling elements and the spacing block.
2. The single-row of rolling balls is located in the raceway between the outer and inner races.
The ball slewing bearing is widely used in the fields of construction machinery, marine machinery, as well as kinds of cranes, excavators, transportation machinery, wind power generators and military machinery.

And all slewing bearing we manufacture were strict inspection,clean,rust-proof treatment ,waterproof packing , single box to fit long transportation before delivery .
so we can give the better experience for all customer .also our engineer provided full
technical guidance during installation.

HGB delivery SE5 with 24V motor slewing drive to Canada

On October 12, 2019, Luoyang Hengguan Bearing company delivery one set of SE5 with a 24V motor slewing drive to Canada by Express.

This slewing drive SE5 is used for a solar tracker system.


When received the customer’s inquiry, we provide the customer with professional technical support to help the customer select the model of the slewing drive and confirm the parameters of the motor. Give customers a quote for express shipping costs. Customers give our service the highest appreciation. On the second day after receiving the customer inquiry, the customer places an order and pays.

We seek to be representative of China top quality machinery supplier.

Non-standard segment slewing bearing produced successfully

Recently, our company (Luoyang Hengguan Bearing) delivered a non-standard segmented slewing bearing for a large-scale winding machine manufactured by a metallurgical company in Hunan. After the customer installed, the design intention of the slewing bearing was realized. Our company’s design capability and production capacity are highly appreciated.


The outer diameter of the bearing is 2.1 meters, which is completely non-standard according to customer requirements. The customer initially consulted several slewing bearing manufacturers, but in view of the special requirements of the customer, no supplier can provide the solution. We received this consultation from our customers and quickly arranged technical engineers to connect with customers and provide detailed professional technical solutions. At first, customers wanted to use the traditional structure of the slewing bearing to achieve segmentation, opening, closing, turning, etc., but considering that one of the ferrules is not a complete circle, there is a 135 degree gap, so the rolling body will fall off as the ferrule rotates, and the customer’s intention of use cannot be realized. After communicating with the customer, it is determined to be a fixed roller type sliding structure.


The structure seems simple, but if you want to make several actions uniform and smooth, you need to control the details in design and production. Otherwise, it is easy to open and cannot be completely homing. After closing, the teeth and the circumference are not uniform, such as rotating abnormal sound and other issues. At the beginning of the design of the slewing bearing, through consultation with the customer many times, the general dimensions, structure and articulated form were determined. After the customer determined the plan, our designers deliberately went to the customer site to communicate with the other designers. On-site mapping the details of the program are determined one by one.

The key points of the product are: first, the deformation problem after cutting; second, the hinge connection model; third, the arc and the hole position, and the homing problem after the partial closure. For the deformation problem, our company selected 42CRMO quenching and tempering material, and after the processing (turning to process, hobbing processing), stress relief annealing to ensure small deformation after ferrule cutting. The bearing can not only ensure the rotation, but also can carry a large overturning moment, and the long-term use performance is unchanged; the cutting arc and position are referenced by the design software one by one, and processed by high-precision CNC boring and milling machine to ensure the dimensional accuracy.

For the homing problem after closing, we select both ends to make the positioning pin hole, to ensure the return to the original position after closing, and to ensure the gap of the teeth. After more than 30 days of intense processing, the product was successfully delivered to customers. At the end of the product, the end face jump is 0.1mm, and the radial runout is 0.15mm, which is very good for the customer’s intention.

The slewing bearing is proved by facts that Luoyang Hengguan Bearing has a strong design capability of non-standard custom slewing bearing, high level of professional processing and manufacturing capability. We HGB will insist to provide professional service and high-quality products to our customers.

Successful Installation of Slewing Bearing for Shield Machine

Recently, our company (Luoyang Hengguan Bearing) has successfully delivered the slewing bearing of the shield screw conveyor manufactured for Fuzhou Metro Construction Co., Ltd. The slewing bearing on the equipment is imported products with long production and long transportation time and high price. The construction time is limited. After many times of communication between the customer and us, in the end, the products are produced by our company and manufactured according to the slewing bearing physical drawing paper.


In the early stage, our technicians went into the subway construction site and determined the product quality and accuracy requirements through detailed communication with the construction party on the product operating conditions, the performance of the main engine (screw conveyor) and the situation during operation. The product is installed vertically and is tilted during use. Because the screw is driven to transport the materials such as muck and gravel, and at the same time it need support the weight of the screw, it must withstand large radial force and overturn moment during work. The teeth of the outer ring of the slewing ring, as the transmission component, need to drive the screw with the materials such as muck and gravel at the same time.

Therefore, the tooth portion of the slewing bearing is subjected to a large driving force. It is very troublesome to disassemble the screw conveyor after entering the tunnel. Therefore, during the subway excavation process, the shield screw conveyor can not cause any errors.


In order to ensure the wear resistance and smooth running of the tooth part, the tooth part is specially quenched, the tooth surface and the tooth root hardness are improved, and the tooth grinding process is performed at the same time to improve the tooth precision and the surface finish. Because the product is used vertically, in order to ensure that the rolling body can rotate evenly during the rotation process, the overall material cage is used to ensure the flexibility and stability of the rotation. This product belongs to high-precision single row cross roller slewing bearing, outer diameter 1306mm, model D1797/954.

Our company adopts 42CrMo material and the material has been quenched and tempered to improve material performance. In the processing, each process is strictly controlled, and the measuring tools are inspected to ensure the rigor of the process and the accuracy of the dimensions, lay a good foundation for the subsequent processes, and make a record at the same time, and finally completed successfully.


In the finished product inspection, the bearing rotation is flexible, the inner and outer diameter dimensional tolerance is controlled within 0.08mm, the clearance is controlled within 0.09mm, the radial runout is controlled within 0.09mm, the end face of beating is controlled within 0.06mm, and the overall precision reaches P5. At present, the customer of this product has been installed and debugged successfully, and has achieved the same use of the original, and has been praised and praised by customers.

Stacker and reclaimer slewing bearing had been replaced and installed well

Recently, our company has supplied the slewing bearing for the bucket wheel stacker and reclaimer produced by a large thermal power plant in Northeast China. It has been sent to the user for installation and commissioning.


The stacker reclaimer, also known as the bucket wheel stacker reclaimer, stacker and reclaimer, is a new type of high efficiency continuous loading and unloading machine. It is mainly used for loading and unloading iron ore (sand), coal, sand, etc. in bulk storage yards for bulk cargo terminals, steel plants, large thermal power plants and mines. This machine is widely used at home and abroad because of its high operating efficiency. Generally, the rotating part of the large bucket wheel stacker and reclaimer is a large diameter slewing bearing. The user of this company cooperated with this bucket wheel stacker and reclaimer, which was produced by a heavy machinery factory in Changsha. The original large slewing bearing has been used for seven or eight years, and there is a rotation stuck, big noise and other issues.


Customer need replace the slewing bearing. After the previous communication, on-site understanding of surveying and mapping, our company confirmed that this set of products is a slewing bearing model 1797/2635 bearing commonly used in bucket wheel stacker reclaimers. It is a 1797 bearing series model commonly used by domestic big bucket wheel stacker and reclaimer manufacturers. This 1797 slewing bearing series includes 1797/2100, 1797/2460, 1797/2500, 1797/2600, 1797/2635, 1797/3230 six basics. Models, are the models of the slewing bearing of the stacker and reclaimer that our company hot sales products.

After 45 day production cycle, the slewing bearing is finished well. We despatch our technical staff to construction site to help install the slewing bearing.


We HGB seek to be representative of China top quality machinery supplier.

Excavator slewing bearing and pinion to Chile

On August 20, 2019, Luoyang Hengguan Bearing company finished slewing bearings and associated pinion gears for Chile customers.


The slewing bearing and pinion are applied to the excavator, and the bearing raceways and teeth are quenched to bear better surface stress.

We specialized in producing excavator slewing bearings for many years, and almost 500 types of slewing bearing are accumulated recently. In order to ensure the fastest delivery, we have a large stock for some hot sales types, our customized producing time is 7-15 days.

For Excavator, we can provide slewing bearing for Caterpillar, Komatsu, JCB, Volvo, Doosan and other brand.