Which is good for domestic high -quality anticorrosive anti -rust, anti -rust, corrosion, rotation bearing?

Recently, Luoyang Hengguan Bearing Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hengguan Bearing), the anti -corrosion -proof rotation support for the production of production has been smoothly offline, and passed the finished product acceptance to the customer’s hands. The rotary support bearing requires high requirements and belongs to high precision -grade bearing. The constant crown bearing is strictly produced in accordance with the customer’s confirmation drawings, and the quality and quantity are shipped on schedule.

This product is a high-precision grade, accuracy level P5, and requires: 1. Tooth accuracy 6 national standard; 2. Entering tooth surface, 3. High-frequency quenching of the tooth surface, hardness HRC45-55, 4. Anti-corrosion prevention and prevention prevention surface Correction treatment. 5. The finished product clearance is 0-0.06; the end-faced jump is within 0.05, 6. This product belongs to a single-row four-point ball tooth-type reckless support structure with an outer diameter of 1100mm, the inner and outer circle is 40, very thin and easy to deform, processing processing, processing processing, processing processing, processing processing, processing processing, processing process Not easy.

In response to the above requirements, the constant crown bearing began to control from the source, and the quality of the finished product was fully reached. The constant coronary bearing uses 42CRMO to adjust the material to ensure that the hardness of the raw material is within the range of HB229-269, and the performance of the product material is stable and reliable from the source. In the process of conventional production technology, technicians, in response to the high accuracy of the product, high accuracy, very thin and easy to deform, and other characteristics, innovative improvements on conventional production processes are made. Entry, orderly, innovative technology, scientific production, and finished product quality are also expected: complete standards.
And for the special operating conditions and environmental requirements of the customer’s anticorrosive corrosion and corrosion, the anti -corrosion hair black treatment of the rotary support support (so -called hacking is a commonly used method for chemical surface treatment. The principle is to cause a metal surface to produce a layer of oxide film, in order Isolation of the air to achieve the purpose of rust -proof. When the appearance requirements are not high, you can use black treatment. The surface of the steel parts is black, which is also known as the blue). The commonly used anti -corrosion -proof methods include painting, rust -proof wax, galvanized nickel plating, sandblasting, etc. These methods have been done, and the appropriate appearance treatment methods are selected for different working conditions.

There is always no better, only more appropriate, the constant crown bearing, guided by customer needs, and conducting flexible customized production to innovate and improve the real needs of customers. The constant crown bearing, the future of intelligence, and only work hard for the high -quality rotation support!