There are abnormal reasons and solutions to the excavator slewing bearing



In construction construction, excavators often appear, not only its crawlers are not afraid of some potholes, but also because excavators can rotate left and right, it is very convenient to dig pits and fill soil. There will be a variety of problems with the reckless support of the excavator, and there are more abnormal noises. Then let’s take a look at the reasons and solutions why the excavator rotation support has abnormal noise!
Slewing ring
The reasons and solutions of the excavator’s rotation support

1. Inlerance of installation, loose screws installed

When there is abnormal noise, it is necessary to determine whether it is not installed enough to meet the requirements of the machine’s use, which causes a gap in the rolling road, which leads to abnormal noise. In addition, when the small gear bite process is not tight enough, it is not tight enough There is also the possibility of generating abnormal noise. In severe cases, the gear breaks; in addition, when the bolt of the fixed reckless support is loose, it will also cause the gap between the elastic deformation of the rotation support. At this time Essence

2. There are foreign bodies inside the internal inheritance

When the inside of the rotation support enters the foreign objects such as sand and gravel, iron Mozi, at this time, not only will there be a strange vibration sound, but also the problem of stuttering in the west of the rotation direction. Therefore, if we want to avoid this situation, we must not only clean up the bearings and matching parts before installation, but also remember to clear the foreign objects in the lubricant in time; The shelf, so that we can remove the corresponding abnormal noise.

3. The abnormal noise caused by the lubrication problem

The rotation support of the excavator needs to be lubricated with lubrication, so the abnormal noise may also be caused by the problem of lubrication. The more common reasons are problems such as lack of grease, uneven lubricating fat, poor lubricating fat quality and aging and lubricant selection errors. Therefore, as long as we use the right lubricant, add and replace the new lubricant in time, we can avoid such abnormal sounds.

4. The abnormal noise caused by the damage of the seal bar

The structure of the turnaround support sealing strip plays a key effect on the sealing nature. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly check whether there is wear around the sealing strip, because when the sealing strip and the rotary support are not closely fitted, it will cause lubricating fat to lubricate fat Leaks a certificate outward, and there will be abnormal noise. In addition, the aging and butter resistance of the sealing bar is also a problem that we need to consider.

5, cracks, indentation or rust of abnormal noise

The rolling surface of the rotation support, if cracks, indentation or rust appear, will cause vibration of the rotary support, which will cause noise. However, this noise will cause uncertain changes with the difference in installation and grease. Therefore, we must not tap bearing or use the grease with high viscosity during installation.

6. Severe wear of rolling roads and rolling bodies

The reasons for abnormal noise of the excavator’s rotation support may also be due to the long -term use of the rotation support. The rolling road and the rolling body have reached the life of the use. Repair.

The above content is integrated by the editor. There is an abnormal reasons for the rejuvenation of the excavator and the relevant information of the solution. In addition to these, it is more important to pay attention to the daily use. Maintenance and maintenance. This is the end of today’s sharing. If you still have questions, please consult us at any time!