The special reckle of the bearing of the bearing of the bearing of the bucket pile was successfully installed and commissioned!

Recently, Luoyang Hengguan Bearing Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hengguan Bearing) is a large domestic pile -up materials manufacturer in China. The installation and debugging were successful a few days ago!

The rotary support bearing was repaired and repaired by the pile of the power plant. Due to the years of disrepair, the owner could not find the drawings and parameters related to the bearing. In this case, after receiving the notice of the customer, our company immediately dispatched relevant technical personnel to drive to the scene, the on -site surveying and mated sham -shaped related parameters, and confirmed that the rotary support bearing is a model that we often do.
Division turning machine turning support
Because the owner needs a large amount of operation at the scene, the pile of the feed machine cannot stop for a long time; after the constant crown bearing confirmed the order, it quickly responded. The processing of the product materials in the factory was successfully completed on the tenth day. And successfully passed the customer acceptance and acceptance; after that, due to the urgent need of the scene, the Hengguan bearing arranged a special car to ship in time. In the afternoon of the day, I was loaded and arrived at the construction site the next morning to unload the goods safely. At this point, both of the guests were relieved, and the owner also gave a thumbs up again and again!
Rotary support installation site
The barrel is also known as the bucket pile feeder. It is a high -energy efficiency equipment for continuous loading and unloading of bulk materials for modern industrial bulk. It is currently widely used in ports, docks, metallurgy, cement, steel plants, coking plants, coal storage plants, and power plants Wait for the stacking operation of the material storage field (ore, coal, scorched carbon, sand and gravel).

The role of the recklessness of the bucket pile feeder is to support the turning structure. The leading direction force, horizontal force and turning torque generated by the turning structure during operation and non -operation, so that the machine is in a stable state.鉴于其工况情况,常用的回转支承轴承结构有两种,一种是重型外齿单排交叉滚柱式回转支承,如1797/2100、1797/2460、1797/2500、1797/2600、1797/ 2635, 1797/3230, etc.; The other is the three -row roller rotation support, such as 131/132.45.2500, 131/132.45.2800, 131/132.50.3150, 132.50.3550, 131/132.50. 4000, 131/132.50.4500, etc. These are common models, which are generally available in stocks or current materials. For non -standard customization, our company can provide technical support such as selection, design, and computing for free. For details, please call inquiries.

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