slewing bearing computing and selection influencing factors

Rotary support, as an important part of the engineering structure, plays an important role in ensuring the stable operation and safe use of the project. Calculation and selection of rotation support is a key step to ensure the stability of the project. It is necessary to comprehensively consider many factors to meet the design requirements and the actual situation of the engineering.

1. The principle and method of the computing of the rotation support

Calculation of rotating support involves multiple disciplines such as structural mechanics, material mechanics, and friction. The following key factors need to be considered during the calculation process:


Considering the use of the project, including static loads and dynamic loads, such as self -weight, wind lane, earthquake, etc.

2. Deformation

According to the deformation of the structure, the position and quantity of the rotation support are determined to ensure the normal deformation of the structure.

3, friction

The rotating support is usually transmitted by the friction and deformation, and the size and distribution of friction need to be calculated.

4. Abrasion

Considering long -term use, friction may cause the wear of the support, and the degree of wear needs to be predicted and repaired or replaced.

The calculation method usually uses limited element analysis, analysis calculation and other means, combined with the actual situation and material characteristics of the project, to obtain appropriate support parameters.
Slewing ring
Second, the choice and design of the rotary support

In the selection and design process of rotating support, we need to comprehensively consider factors such as structural characteristics, load requirements, and environmental environment:

1. Load requirements

According to engineering loads and use requirements, choose the types and specifications of appropriate rotation support to ensure that they can bear the expected load.

2. Use environment

Consider the environment where the support is located, such as temperature, humidity, corrosion and other factors, choose the appropriate materials and lubrication methods to extend the service life of the support.

3. Structure layout

According to the structure layout and deformation requirements of the project, the layout and quantity of the support are determined to ensure the reasonable distribution of the deformation of the structure.

4. Maintenance

Consider the difficulty of maintaining the maintenance and maintenance of the support, and choose the design plan that is convenient for maintenance and replacement.

Calculation and selection of rotation support is an important part of ensuring the stable operation of the project. When calculating, it is necessary to comprehensively consider factors such as loading, deformation, and friction, and select appropriate calculation methods and engineering parameters. In the process of selecting and designing, it is necessary to combine the characteristics of the project and the environment to ensure that the renewal support can meet the project requirements and ensure the safe and stable operation of the project. With the continuous advancement of technology, the calculation and selection method of reincarnation will continue to improve, providing more reliable support for the design and construction of the project.