Detailed explanation of how to prevent slewing bearing quenching cracks?

slewing bearing t is widely used in large -scale rotary devices in engineering, mining, wind power, oil, chemical industry and other industries. When the rotary support is running, its rail structure is the focus of guaranteeing normal operation. The orbit of the reincarnation support is processed by quenching. Today I will tell you how to prevent quenching cracks.

How to prevent quenching crack

1. Choose a reasonable quenching method

According to the structure and characteristics and technical requirements of the rotor bearing, the correct and reasonable selection of structural design status and the quality of workers can be greatly reduced or no quenching accidents can be greatly reduced.

2. Arrange the process line reasonably

Once the material, structure and technical conditions of the rotation support are determined, the craftsman must conduct a process analysis to determine the reasonable process line. Correctly arrange the order of preparing processing, thermal treatment and heat processing. This is the main effective way to prevent the tendency of rail cracking after thermal treatment.
Rotary support 3. Properly determine heating parameters

In the heating production of the rotary support rail, improper heating is the main factor that causes the quenching and reincarnation support. Therefore, heating parameters such as heating medium, heating speed, heating temperature, and thermal insulation time should be correctly selected and designed.

4. Other measures to prevent quenching cracks

After quenching, it is recovered after quenching. The thin -walled treatment of complex parts of the shape can also effectively prevent the production of cracks.

5. Selection of quenching medium

The selection of quenching medium should be comprehensively considering the rotary support for the quenching method: including quenching groove liquid, stirring speed, flowing direction, and solution concentration. As well as the characteristics of the rotation support, the chemical ingredients of the steel, the section size of the workpiece, the geometric shape, the surface roughness and the surface state, the arrangement status and density of the arrangement during the quenching of the road.

I introduced so much about how to prevent quenching cracks, I hope to help you! Whether the rotating support can work normally, it is the key to prevent quenching cracks!