What are the effects of the turntable bearing in CNC?

Among the CNC vertical equipment, the turning workbench is an important component. Its high -speed operation and the requirements for carrying heavy workpieces to make it have high -precision operation and anti -overturning torque. This article introduces the role of a single -row cross -rolling roller rotor bearing in CNC.

The role of the rotor bearing in CNC

1. support workbench

The large -scale turntable bearing of the support workbench plays a key role in this important mission. Previously, most workbench used a combination of thrust bearing and radial bearing. This structure was complicated and used more materials. Especially when large box parts were resettled, the space of the entire machine tool was larger. The device and pre -adjustment of large -scale turntable bearing are also difficult, and it is more difficult to guarantee for China. The overall accuracy of the workbench is difficult to improve.

2. Beat accuracy

Bearing beating is divided into synchronous jump and asynchronous beating. Synchronous beating can be greatly reduced by grinding work table, but the impact of asynchronous beating cannot be eliminated. It is mainly determined by the outer diameter tolerance and circular of the roller. Therefore, the better the bearing asynchronous beating, the smaller the radial and axial beating of the workbench, the higher the working accuracy. When selecting bearing brands and accuracy levels, we should not only pay attention to the bearing device beating, but in depth the accuracy standards that affect the asynchronous bearing bearing.

Third, bearing cooperation

When the bearing type is selected, it is recommended that the inner ring, the shaft, the outer ring, and the gear of the tooth are tightly matched. Because the outer ring is a rotating part, the tightness should be slightly larger than the inner ring, so that the inner ring is moved down and moved down, and adjusts to a certain pre -tightening amount. However, if the inner ring is considered to be a stop component and the inner ring is planned with the axis as a loose coordination, when the inner ring, lock in the inner ring or bearings are loaded, the inner ring may be oblique, that is, the bias occurs. This deflection will cause stress concentration in the contact area of the roller and the roller, forming serious scratches.

Therefore, now more design schemes have begun to adopt a more compact interspersed roller bearings. The role of the turntable bearing in CNC ride improves the limit speed. At the same time, the accuracy and stability are better. Not only can it save material costs, but it can also simplify the design plan. The above is the introduction of the turntable bearing manufacturer.