How to disassemble the outer tooth slew bearing? How to install it?

As a key component in the mechanical system, the performance and life span directly affect the stable operation of the entire device. After a long period of use, disassembly and maintenance may be required to ensure its normal work. This article will in -depth discussions on how to disassemble the bearing of the external tooth turntable, dismantle the process, and provide detailed steps and key precautions to help readers better understand and handle this key mechanical component.

1. How to disassemble the outer tooth turntable bearing

1. Preparation

Before the disassembly operation is performed, it must be fully prepared. This includes understanding the disassembly drawings of the device, preparing the necessary tools and materials to ensure that it can be carried out quickly and safely during the disassembly process. At the same time, close the equipment power and ensure that the equipment is in a safe state.

2. Disassembling steps

Remove external parts

According to the disassembly drawings, the external parts are gradually removed, such as the outer cover and the connection bolt. Use appropriate tools to ensure cautious operation to prevent damage to parts.

Separate internal and external circles

Through the appropriate tools, gradually separate the internal and external circles. Pay attention to check whether there are foreign bodies or dirt in the circle, which may be one of the causes of bearing failure.

Take out the roller and keep the shelf

Take the roller and keep it carefully. Checking whether their surface is abnormal wear or damage, which is essential for subsequent maintenance and replacement.

Clean and check

After disassembly, cleaning various parts, especially inner and outer circles, rollers and holders. Use the cleaner to remove the fat and dirt, and wipe it clean with a clean cloth.

Measurement size and gap

Use the measurement tool to accurately measure the size and gaps of each component. This helps evaluate the degree of wear of the bearings and decides whether to replace parts.
2. How to install the outer tooth turntable bearing

1. Lubrication and assembly

Properly lubricate all components before reasonsment. Choose proper lubricating fat or oil to ensure that the external tooth rotor bearing can run smoothly during work.

2. The assembly process

According to the reverse order of disassembly, gradually assemble the external tooth turntable bearing. Make sure that each component is installed correctly, the bolt is in moderate tightening, and it is too tight or loose.

3. Function test

After the assembly is completed, the functional test is performed to ensure that the external tooth rotor bearing can rotate freely without abnormal sound and vibration.

Regarding how to disassemble the external tooth rotor bearing, you already know it. By removing the external tooth turntable bearing and maintenance, we can extend its service life and improve the reliability of the equipment. In this process, be sure to operate carefully to ensure that each step meets relevant standards and requirements. Only in this way can we better protect and maintain this key mechanical component to ensure that the equipment runs for a long time and quickly.