Maintenance and maintenance methods of excavators slewing bearing

The excavator is one of our commonly used construction machinery vehicles. It mostly uses a single row of 4 -point contact with the ball -type inner teeth to support. When the excavator is working, the rotation support is inherited with complex loads such as axial force, radial force, and turning torque. If it is not maintained and maintained in time Reasonable maintenance is very important. So, do you know what are the maintenance and maintenance projects of the excavator’s rotation support?

The maintenance and maintenance of the rotation support and maintenance mainly include: the rotary support, the maintenance of the roller laburge, the maintenance of the gear mesh area, the maintenance of the internal and external oil seals, the maintenance of the fastening bolt, the adjustment of the gear gap, the maintenance of the blocking, and the prohibited use of the water switching support.
The maintenance and maintenance of the excavator slewing bearing
1. The lubrication of the road

The slewing bearing roller and the rolling road are prone to damage and failure, and the failure rate is higher. During the use of the excavator, adding lubricating fat to the roller can reduce the friction and wear between the rolling bodies, rolling roads, and isolation blocks.

The cavity is generally 2#lithium lubricating fat lubrication, and the lubricating grease cycle is generally 100h. Under the special conditions such as dust, high temperature, and continuous work, the additional injection cycle should be appropriately shortened. When adding lubricating fat, you need to rotate the rotation support, and the injection of about 15 ° ~ 25 ° is added every 15 ° ~ 25 °. When adding an additional, you should pay attention to observing the sealing ring of the rotary support. When you see the lubricating fat from the outer sealing circle, you should stop the additional injection.

2. Maintenance work in the gear meshing area

Open the metal cover on the base position of the turning platform to observe the lubrication and wear of the small gear of the internal teeth and the rotary motor reducer. The metal cover should be pad under the pad and tightened with bolts. If the bolt is loosened or the rubber pad fails, the water will penetrate from the metal lid into the lubricant (oil collection disk) of the inner gear of the rotation, resulting in premature lubrication and decreased lubrication effects, resulting in aggravation and corrosion of the gear.

The method of replacing the inner gear lubrication and lubricating fat is as follows: First of all, use the working device to support the excavator, and the operator enters the excavator’s tape to open the metal cover; second, the excavator is placed on the ground, and the excavator is started to drive the excavator. To do about 10 laps, you can exhaust the lubricating fat. The rotating branch inner gear lubrication cavity also adds 2#lithium base lubrication fat. The replacement cycle is generally 2000h.

Slewing ring

3. Maintenance of internal and external oil seals

During the use of excavators, the internal and external oil seals should be checked frequently during use. If the sealing ring of the turning motor is damaged, the gear oil inner gear oil is leaked into the inner gear lubrication cavity. In the process of the inner gear of the rotary support and the small gear of the rotor reducer, the grease is mixed with the gear oil, the temperature is the temperature, the temperature After elevation, the oil will become thinner, and the fat that becomes thinner will be pushed to the upper end of the inner gear, and it will penetrate into the roller through the inner oil seal, causing the outer oil sealing and dripping oil, resulting in rolling bodies, rolling tracts and external outside. Oil seal is accelerated and damaged.

4. Maintenance of fastening bolt bolt

After the excavator is 100h and 500h, the bolt should be checked. After that, 1000h each work should be checked once to ensure that the bolt has sufficient pre -tightening force.

After the bolt is repeatedly used, its tensile strength will be reduced. Although the torque when it is reinstalled is in line with the specified value, the pre -tightening force of the bolt after tightness will also be reduced. Therefore, when re -fing the bolt, its torque is 30 ~ 50N · m larger than the specified value. The tightening sequence of the rotary support bolt should be tightened by 180 ° symmetrical direction multiple times. When tightening again and again, all bolts should be guaranteed to have the same pre -tightening force.

5. Adjustment of gear gaps

When the slewing bearing inner gear and the rotary motor redevelopment output gear assembly, the rotating support of the inner tooth ritter beating point should be adjusted to adjust the gap of the wheel tooth. The melting side gap is selected according to the size of the gear mold. Under normal circumstances, the gear meshing side gap increases accordingly as the wheel’s teeth increase. The excavator reaches the inner tooth tooth ritter beating point, and the sH value of the tooth side gap of the gear of the rotary motor reduction gear is ≥0.03m (m is the gear modulus).

6. Maintenance of blocking

The slewing bearing  is settled for disassembly and rolling. Positioning is sold into a cone structure, which is used to fix the blockage and prevent blocking. The blockage is located on the sides of the main load plane.

Once the positioning of the fixed blocking is loose, it will cause the blocking position, causing the rolling road to change in the blocking part. When the rolling body movement, it will hit and cause abnormal noise with the blockage. When using the excavator, the operator should pay attention to clean up the soil covered by the blocking place, and pay attention to observe whether the blockage occurs.

7. Forbidden to use water to switch to support

It is forbidden to use water to switch to support in order to avoid infiltration of water, impurities, and dust to enter the rolling lane, resulting in corrosion rust and rust, resulting in diluted grease, destruction of lubrication state, lubricating fat deterioration; avoid any solvents contacting the rotary support oil sealing oil seal , So as not to cause oil seal corrosion.