Positioner Slewing Bearing

Positioner slewing ring bearings can be used in various industries and play a very important role in our daily life, such as large construction machinery, and small bus accessories that are usually seated.


Guidelines for understanding the planning and production requirements of positioner slewing bearings


The positioner slewing bearing needs to accept a larger induction load, and its quality requirements are relatively high. Special attention should be paid to the installation to avoid affecting normal operation. The positioner slewing bearing needs to understand certain guidelines when planning and manufacturing. What is required to understand in detail? Here is a detailed introduction for everyone.



Positioner slewing bearings need to be selected according to operating conditions when planning and manufacturing. For bearings operating at room temperature, chrome bearing steel is required. If the temperature of the principality is higher than 150°C and lower than 250°C, chrome bearing steel is also required. The use of chromium bearing steel requires special heat treatment to avoid affecting normal use.


The choice of material for the positioner slewing bearing is particularly important. Because of the need to accept greater impact loads, chromium bearing steel is generally not used. Most of them will choose high-quality carburized structural steel, impact-resistant tool steel, and quenched and tempered structural steel. For corrosive media, corrosion-resistant alloy steel should be selected, which can extend its service life.


Because the structure of the bearing parts is relatively complex, the outer ring is equipped with ribs, and it is also required to accept larger impact loads, it is necessary to adopt carburized steel with good processing functions. The outer ring of stamped needle roller bearings can be selected from 08 and 10 low carbon steel. This material steel has better plasticity, so it is more suitable for cold stamping. Swing arrangement and operation arrangement use joint bearings, and use high-performance cold plastic steel.


The quality of the positioner slewing bearing depends to a certain extent on the purity of the steel and the uniformity of the arrangement. Following the continuous improvement of the exercise method, a variety of excellent positioner slewing bearings can be produced. For customers in need, please consult online Customer service.


How to deal with the positioner slewing bearing if there is a problem


Positioner slewing bearing can accept large-scale bearings that summarize the load, and can also accept relatively large axial and radial loads. The slewing bearing is also called a rotating support. It is widely used in industry. It is the relative rotation movement between two objects. Following the continuous development of my country’s slewing ring, it is used in many occupations. How to deal with slewing bearing if there is a problem? The following is a detailed introduction for everyone.


If the positioner slewing ring is used for a long time, it will show such problems. This is the limit of accident quality. There are many reasons for such problems. If you do not pay attention to the lubrication, there is foreign matter intrusion. If you do not arrange it in time, it will continue for a long time. It will have a certain impact on the shaft and shell of the positioner slewing support, so special attention should be paid to it during use.


If the use of the positioner slewing bearing can not find the cause of the damage, it must be carefully checked during the application process, and the choice of lubricant needs to be selected according to the type, so that it can effectively prevent the surface bearing from showing damage. The slewing ring of the positioner damages the ribs of the roller bearings and simply presents jams, and the lack of lubricant will simply cause problems. If the error of the positioner slewing support device is relatively large, and the shaft deflection is too large, problems will also occur.


If there is a problem with the positioner slewing bearing, the cause of the problem must first be found out, and the correct method should be adopted in time to deal with it, so that the use of the bearing can be restored in the shortest time. The service life of other positioner slewing bearings has a certain limit, and it can extend its service life by choosing appropriate methods for maintenance. Therefore, pay attention to the choice of lubricating oil when using it, and avoid foreign matter from entering.


Analysis of the cause of abnormal noise in the use of positioner slewing bearing


In the daily use of positioner slewing bearings, we may encounter problems of one kind or another. For example, the positioner slewing bearing presents abnormal noise. Many people may think that the positioner slewing bearing itself is defective, but it is different. The reasons for the abnormal noise in the occasion are different. Let’s talk about what the abnormal noise of the positioner slewing ring is.


If the newly replaced positioner slewing ring shows abnormal noise during operation, it is a normal phenomenon, which is caused by the lack of lubricating oil. You only need to alter the lubrication on the newly replaced positioner slewing ring. Oil is fine. After the new positioner slewing bearing is installed, it is necessary to apply lubricant to the various parts of the positioner slewing ring first, and check the positioner slewing ring after 100 hours of operation of the positioner slewing ring, see Check whether the pre-tightening force of the above screws and bolts meet the requirements, and then check them after 500 hours of operation. At the same time, avoid the abnormal noise of the positioner slewing ring due to lack of oil in the new positioner slewing ring, so after 50-100 hours, the positioner slewing ring should be made up for a grease.


However, if a long-term positioner slewing ring is used, abnormal noise during operation is not a problem of lack of lubricating oil. It may be that a part of the positioner slewing ring is defective or damaged, so stop the positioner slewing Support operations are thoroughly inspected.


Therefore, the abnormal noise of different positioner slewing bearings has different reasons. The detailed treatment method should be based on the actual situation. However, no matter what the reason is, the abnormal noise of the positioner slewing ring must be stopped in time. The operation is inspected to avoid delaying the formation of an increase in damage.