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Large gear shafts include spur gear shafts, helical gear shafts, herringbone gear shafts, double helical gear shafts, etc., which are designed and produced according to needs.

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Large gear shafts include spur gear shafts, helical gear shafts, herringbone gear shafts, double helical gear shafts, etc., which are designed and produced according to needs.

Large gear shaft is a key mechanical transmission component, usually used to transmit large torque and rotational power. It is made of high-strength, high-wear-resistant materials, such as alloy steel, cast steel, etc., to meet the requirements of high load and high-speed operation. The design of the gear shaft takes into account factors such as dynamics, strength, wear resistance and heat treatment to ensure stable operation in various harsh environments.

The machining process of large gear shafts is relatively complex and involves multiple steps. First, the appropriate raw materials are selected and heat treated to improve their mechanical properties and wear resistance. Then, through rough turning and fine turning

Lathe processing, processing raw materials into the basic shape of the gear shaft. Next, the milling process is carried out, including steps such as milling the end face and milling the keyway. Heat treatment is also an essential link. Through quenching

Fire, tempering and other treatments can improve the hardness and strength of the gear shaft. Finally, grinding is performed to make the surface smoothness of the gear shaft meet the design requirements.

Large gear shafts have the following advantages and characteristics:

  1. High strength and high wear resistance: Made of high-strength materials and specially treated, it can withstand the requirements of high load and high-speed operation, and has good wear resistance.
  2. High precision and stability: Through advanced processing equipment and technology, the dimensional accuracy and surface quality of the gear shaft are ensured, as well as the stability during high-speed operation.
  3. Long life and reliability: Strict quality control and heat treatment processes ensure that the gear shaft has a long service life and reliable transmission performance.
Material 42 CrMo, 40CrNiMo,40Cr、40CrNi 20GrMnTi carburizing and quenching, etc. The surface roughness can reach 0.8.The hardness of the shaft can reach HRC60, and non-standard customized services can also be provided.
Heat treatment Normalizing,Annealing,Quenching&Tempering,SurfaceQuenching,Case hardening
Surface treatment quenching and tempering+quenching
Product specification capable of producing various forgings with diameter of 100mm-6000mm
Product material carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, etc
Process forging, CNC processing
Shaft category smooth shaft, spline shaft, spur gear shaft, helical gear shaft, etc. The shaft can be processed according to the drawing
Processing method turning, milling, planing, grinding, drilling, etc
Technical parameters according to relevant standards or drawings and requirements provided by customers
Product features made according to customer drawings, transparent price, qualified size, long service life
Application Engineering machinery, petroleum machinery, marine machinery, agricultural machinery, wind power equipment, chemical equipment,pressure vessels, nuclear power, new energy, metallurgy and other industries.
Product advantage 1.Heavy load capacity,long lifespan.
2.High precision,large diameter and module .
3.stable transmission, low impact, vibration and noise
Packing details 1. Filling with anti-rust oil
2. Corved with Plastic paper
3. Corved with kraft paper
4. Corved with Blue tie
5. Put in wooden box

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1.Quality Assurance

High grand raw material selection and strict material inspection.The equipment can meet all the processing procedures and fully achieve production according to the drawing.

2.Reasonable Price

The price is the most favorable under the same quality.The quality is the best under the same price.

3.Delivery Time Guarantee

Effcient production arrangment and inspection to guarantee the timely shippment.

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Engneers with more than ten years of experience in the industry. technical support can be provided before, during and after sales. Delivery and goods tracking support can be provided 24*7 online service support can be provided to solve doubts

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Large gear shafts are widely used in various heavy machinery and equipment, such as wind turbines, hydroelectric generators, steel) smelting equipment, petrochemical equipment, etc. In these fields, large gear shafts play a vital role, capable of transmitting large torque and rotational power, ensuring the normal operation of equipment and improving production efficiency. With the continuous development of industrial technology, the application fields of large gear shafts will continue to expand, making greater contributions to industrial development.