Characteristics of stainless steel slewing ring

Nowadays, industrial technology is developing more and more rapidly, and various stainless steel materials are also being used in large quantities at this time. Industrial production cannot do without mechanical equipment, so many mechanical equipment cannot do without stainless steel bearings. Good stainless steel slewing ring bearings can be said to be an important guarantee for the production of mechanical equipment. Many friends are not particularly familiar with stainless steel slewing bearings. Next, the editor will talk about the characteristics of stainless steel slewing bearings for everyone to learn and understand.

1. The material of stainless steel slewing ring is special

Generally speaking, slewing bearings generally use two materials, 50Mn and 42CrMo, but stainless steel should be used for special purposes. The ferrules and rolling elements of stainless steel slewing bearings often use 9Cr18Mo, 9Cr18, 4Cr18 materials.

2. Excellent corrosion resistance

The sales volume of stainless steel bearings on the market is still considerable. You must know that stainless steel bearings have many advantages, so their durability is also very strong. First of all, good corrosion resistance is a major advantage of stainless steel bearings. Since this type of bearing has passed the extreme tests of high temperature and low temperature, it will have stronger corrosion resistance.

3. Washing resistance

Stainless steel bearings are also very resistant to washing. After we have used the bearings for a period of time, there is no problem in removing them for washing. Due to the water resistance of stainless steel bearings, rust will not appear even if they are washed in water.

4. Long service life

Because the material corresponding to the stainless steel bearing is the international standard stainless steel material, regular maintenance during daily use can extend its service life.

5. Wide range of use

Compared with slewing bearings of common materials, stainless steel slewing bearings have stronger rust and corrosion resistance, and are generally used in some special working conditions, such as underwater, wet seaside and other working conditions. Stainless steel slewing bearings are commonly used in food machinery, environmental protection equipment, medical equipment, and underwater operation tools.

The above is an introduction to the characteristics of stainless steel slewing bearings. Choose the appropriate dust cover and lubricant. Stainless steel slewing bearings can be used in an environment of -60℃~+300℃. Because of its high mechanical strength, large load capacity, and beautiful appearance, stainless steel slewing bearings are widely used in food processing, medical equipment, pharmaceutical machinery, nuclear industry projects and other equipment.

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