How to deal with the abnormal sound of the crane slewing bearing?

The crane belongs to a large hoisting machine. When the crane rotates the U-turn, the key bearing function is the slewing bearing. When the crane rotates, it bears a large steering force and load, and still can provide stable rotation. However, in daily use, sometimes there is abnormal noise or stuttering. What are the reasons for these phenomena? How can we handle it effectively?


1.The reason of the abnormal sound of the crane slewing bearing.

1. Insufficient lubricating oil
Lubricating oil plays an important role in the rotation of the slewing bearing. Because the steering force is too large when the crane rotates, it is necessary to have lubricating oil for timely lubrication. If the lubricating oil is insufficient, it will cause a stuttering when rotating, and it will also make an abnormal sound.

2.Loose bolts
Loose bolts are also a major reason of the abnormal sound of the crane slewing bearing. Bolts are used to fix the components of the slewing bearing. Loose bolts will naturally cause abnormal sounds in the slewing bearing, and even damage the bearing and the machine. It is not simple problem of abnormal noise.

3. Track wear
The slewing bearing has a matching rotating track, and the track appears worn, which naturally causes abnormal sound of the slewing bearing of the crane.

4.The slewing bearing damage
Damage to the slewing bearing is a serious reason of abnormal noise. If the slewing bearing is damaged, it needs to be replaced or repaired in time, otherwise it will delay the construction progress.

5.Non-standard use
Due to overload or irregular use, the slewing motor is damaged or the rotating gearbox is damaged, resulting in abnormal noise in the slewing bearing.

2. The solution of the abnormal sound of the crane slewing bearing

1. Lubricating oil and non-standard use can be avoided in normal use and maintenance. Therefore, one of the first tasks to solve abnormal noise is to pay attention to the usual maintenance. When the lubricating oil is insufficient, add lubricating oil in time. The machine should be operated in accordance with the process specification to avoid delays due to low-level operation errors.

2. For the problem of loose bolts, it is necessary to strengthen the bolts in time. The problem of loose bolts is a relatively simple problem.

3. It is more troublesome to deal with the problem of track wear and damage of the slewing bearing. The principle of handling is to change a new one and not to use damaged bearings to avoid irreparable damage. For the slewing bearing, the slewing bearing can be repaired, or the new slewing bearing should be replaced in time.

In addition to daily maintenance and replacement of the slewing bearing, choose the appropriate model when selecting the slewing bearing, after all, the crane is not a small machine.