Analyze the oil resistance of the slewing bearing seal material 

In all kinds of large-scale machinery and equipment, especially those with rotating, conveying, and transportation mechanical ,there all need the slewing bearings.Due to the influence of the working environment, the slewing bearing has a sealing ring part,It is the main condition to ensure the sealing operation,It not only effectively prevents the intrusion of foreign dust and dirty grease, but also keeps the lubricating grease inside the bearing from being lost during use, and ensures that the bearing is in a lubricated state,in many cases, the sealing ring needs to be used in various oily media. The oil resistance is an important parameter of the sealing ring gasket, but the oil resistance of various sealing materials is also different.let us talk about the oil resistance of the slewing bearing seal material.

The commonly used materials for the slewing bearing seal ring : nitrile rubber, polypropylene rubber, silicone rubber, fluorine rubber, polyurethane rubber, etc.

1.Nitrile rubber

Nitrile rubber seal is a highly saturated elastomer obtained by special hydrogenation of nitrile rubber
Nitrile rubber is a commonly used material for mineral oil-resistant rubber seals
The mineral oil resistance of nitrile nitrate increases with the increase of acrylonitrile content
Hydrogenated nitrile rubber has good oil resistance(Good resistance to fuel oil, lubricating oil and aromatic solvents)
And because of its highly saturated structure, it has good heat resistance(-60 to 180 degrees).
Excellent chemical resistance(Good resistance to Freon, acid and alkali)
Excellent ozone resistance, high compression resistance and long deformation performance
Suitable for use in oil system hydraulic oil glycol system hydraulic oil diester series lubricating oil gasoline water silicon grease silicon oil and other media
Therefore, it is selected as the material of the slewing bearing sealing rubber ring, and continuous improvement is made from the material and technology to provide an additional layer of protection for the application performance of the bearing.

2.Polypropylene rubber

Polypropylene rubber seal ring has excellent heat resistance and oil resistance, applicable temperature (-30 to 170 degrees) the price is relatively cheap among high-temperature materials, but the disadvantage is that the cold resistance is slightly worse.

3. Silicone rubber

Silicone rubber sealing ring has high heat resistance and cold resistance; in addition to compressive strain, it has poor mechanical properties; pay attention to the swelling problem of low aniline point mineral oil and silicone lubricant


It has high heat resistance, oil resistance and excellent high temperature resistance.

5.Polyurethane rubber

The aging resistance, ozone resistance, and oil resistance are also quite good.

The above is the introduction of the oil resistance of the slewing bearing seal material,Since the material of the sealing ring is mostly soft material, that is, rubber, and it is oil-resistant, it is not only easy to use, but also can effectively ensure the sealing effect and ensure the high quality of the bearing operation.