How to clean the slewing bearinig ? What are the scope of its application?

Mechanical work by the inevitable intrusion of dust and impurities, as a heavy machinery or equipment used in large bearings, each having its own rotary bearing mounting hole, and lubricating oil holes sealing means, but still be affected complex environment. Once raised properly, may cause mechanical member rotatable with the debris into the interior of the rotary support, the increased friction between the rotary support and related accessories, forming the movable catching phenomenon may even lead to a mechanical stop. So you need to master the operation management method of cleaning, clean the impurities to protect production machinery is running.

Deposition can not be cleaned in a rotary bearing raceways dust, resulting in clogging of the oil injection duct, stuck in the roller track. Adding auxiliary equipment using the temporary high pressure descaling fluid injection into the rotary bearing, by repeating the rotation, so that relative movement between the sub-friction rotary bearing, the grease deposited on the inner race, the dust clean. After the injection of oil into the clean slewing, the descaling fluid clean.

Regular check-related accessories slewing ring is necessary, impurities intrusion protection accessories or damage caused by improper use of lubricants will have a large slewing ring consumption and shorten life.

Slewing range of applications is very wide, we look at what it can be used in place of it below!

1, lifting machinery

Lifting has included cranes, tower cranes and trailers, etc., because these machines use environment is more severe, rotating parts are often severely affected, so these sites will be used to customize the slewing ring, such as to Xuzhou Wanda slewing bearing manufacturers to provide jobs and environmental dimensions required for the machine, slewing bearing manufacturers combined with the actual situation will arrange for engineers to design in line with the bearing, and then put to use, not only to meet the needs of lifting machinery, but also make use of life is greatly enhanced.

2, construction machinery

Simple mechanical engineering division is like excavators, loaders. Slewing bearing capable of withstand the axial and radial forces and overturning forces and very compact, an excavator in the job and requires continuous core member is rotated, the rotary bearing is rotated. Application of the construction machinery applications belongs to the basic slewing ring, is more widely used.

3, processing machinery

Processing machinery like material processing, food processing, metallurgy, etc.,. With the continuous development of technology, people are not satisfied only the slewing ring used in engineering machinery, instead looking to the device platform processing machinery. Because the slewing bearing more compact than the original, may be subjected to an external force greater, more performance and good structure, so that the processing machine also has multiple applications.

4, military equipment

Competition is now military hard power of military equipment, as we see on television as the tanks turned the gun head, a shell hit the target accurately, this session is slewing ring plays a good supporting role; as well as artillery, radar, rocket launchers, etc., timely and stable rotation jump in launching military equipment is very important structural slewing ring, compared to conventional bearings have a good performance.

5. Other

In addition to connecting portions revolving bearing in industrial and medical applications, etc. In addition, in the field of power generation and the life has its shadow, the wind turbine tower and the yaw bearing is mounted in the cockpit, the pitch bearing mounted on the root of each blade and the hub connecting portion. Each wind turbine pitch bearing and a yaw bearing three. By application of slewing on the wind power plant, may be implemented in different process implemented to change the wind power generation, in the process, the root of the blade portion associated therewith is embodied swivel support bearing. Aspects of life slewing ring main applications focused on the playground, like a Ferris wheel, roller coaster, carousel and large pendulum clock, etc., the application of the slewing ring life safety has been well protected.

The above is how to organize small series of slewing ring contaminated debris clean-up as well as the entire contents of its scope of application, hoping to be helpful to everyone. Constant crown bearing, customer demand-oriented, be flexible customization to meet the real needs of customers and innovative sophisticated. Constant crown bearing, made Moses future, only high-quality slewing ring bearings and work!