Explanation of installation method of slewing bearing for large amusement facilities

Slewing ring is a large-scale bearing often used in modern machinery and equipment, which can bear large axial and radial coincidence and overturning moments at the same time. At the same time, it is also an important part of the large-scale amusement facility slewing system, which bears various loads during the operation of the equipment. In addition to calculation and selection, attention must be paid to its correct installation and use. The harm caused by installation errors and improper use to amusement facilities can also not be ignored. So how to install the amusement equipment slewing ring? The following editor will introduce to you the installation method of large-scale amusement equipment slewing bearing.


The form of movement of amusement facilities mainly includes rotary movement, linear movement, and a compound movement of rotation and linear movement. Rotational motion is the main form of movement of amusement equipment, such as carousel, self-controlled aircraft and high-altitude flying, etc. The main component that realizes the rotational motion is the slewing bearing.


  1. Installation form of amusement equipment slewing bearing


In the field of amusement equipment, there are two ways to install slewing bearings: horizontal installation and vertical installation.


Flying tower and self-controlled aircraft amusement facilities are characterized by rotating around the central axis. Flying tower amusement facilities include high-altitude flying, head-shaking flying chair, etc., and self-controlled aircraft amusement facilities include self-controlled airplanes and big octopuses. The installation form of the slewing bearing in this type of equipment is horizontal installation.


The characteristics of the operation of the amusement facilities of the ferris wheel are that they rotate or swing around a horizontal axis. The amusement facilities of ferris wheel include screaming, big pendulum, etc. The installation form of the slewing ring in this type of equipment is vertical installation.



  1. Installation of slewing ring


  1. Before installing the slewing ring, check the mating surfaces and clean the two mounting surfaces to prevent any solvent from contacting the sealing belt or entering the raceway. Do not paint the sealing belt.


  1. The slewing bearing mounting seat components should have sufficient rigidity, the contact surface of the bearing must be cleaned, there should be no lubricating oil and must be kept dry, the mating surface should be machined to ensure that the two mating surfaces and the two ends of the slewing ring are in the whole Full contact on the circumference, reaching the flatness and inclination required by the relevant standards.


  1. The bolts selected for the slewing bearing are high-strength bolts, and the length of the installation bolts shall not be less than 5d (d is the thread diameter).


  1. The slewing bearing connection of amusement equipment adopts high-strength bolts of 8.8 or above. Full-threaded bolts cannot be used. The anti-loosening method is a double nut method. The two nuts should be the same. At the same time, they should be matched with flat washers to increase the support area and prevent the installation surface hardness. It is not high to cause plastic deformation of extrusion, which is beneficial to maintain the reliability of pre-tensioning. Since the spring washer will destroy the centrality of the bolt’s force, reduce the pressure area and rigidity of the nut on the connecting parts when passing, and reduce the connection strength of the bolt. Under no circumstances should the spring washer be used.


  1. When installing, the slewing bearing should be positioned radially first, and then the installation bolts should be tightened crosswise, that is, the installation is star-shaped, symmetrically and continuously in the 180° direction, and then re-tighten it again to ensure that the bolts on the circumference have the same pre-tightening. Force, and check the rotation of the turntable slewing bearing. In order to increase the reliability of the connection, the prestress of the tightened bolt should be 70% of the yield strength of the bolt material.


  1. In order to ensure the smooth rotation of the turntable slewing ring, the gears should be checked for meshing before the mounting bolts are completely tightened. The small value of the tooth side clearance is generally 0.03 ~ 0.04 X m (modulus), after the slewing ring is finally tightened , The tooth clearance of the pinion gears on the entire circumference should be re-checked.


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