How to install wind power turntable bearing? Briefly describe the installation points and precautions

In recent years, the clean energy represented by wind power is developing rapidly, which will play a positive role in alleviating energy pressure and environmental pressure. Wind power generation equipment generally has long working hours and harsh operating environment, so the performance requirements of its own bearings are higher. Turntable bearing is one of the main components of wind power generation equipment. It is a kind of large bearing with special structure that can withstand comprehensive load. So, how to install wind power turntable bearings? What are the key points and matters needing attention? Next, the constant crown Xiaobian for you to introduce.

Yaw Bearing of Wind Turbine Generator

1. Installation points of wind power turntable bearing

1, do a good job of inspection before installation

Check the installation surface of the host, pay attention to the strength of the supporting surface should be enough, the connection surface should be machined, the surface smooth. If the required flatness cannot be achieved through mechanical processing, it can be filled with materials with greater strength according to relevant standards, such as special plastics.

2. Pay attention to the load in the quenched soft belt area of bearing rings

The “S” marked on the end face of the ring is the quenched soft belt area of the ring of the wind power turntable bearing. During installation, pay attention to place the soft belt in the non-load area or non-regular load area (the plug hole is always located in the soft belt).

3. Radial positioning and preload

The bearing of the wind power turntable should be radial positioned during installation, the mounting bolts should be tightened cross-securely, and the rotation situation should be checked; When tightening bolts, ensure sufficient pretightening force, generally 70% of the upper yield limit of the bolt material; Spring washers should not be used for mounting bolts, but tempered flat washers should be used.
Turntable bearing
Second, attention to the installation of wind power turntable bearing

1. The finish and accuracy of the bearing mounting surface shall comply with the relevant regulations.

2. After the turntable bearing is unpacked, each joint surface should be cleaned to remove metal chips, paint, rust prevention agents, etc.

3. Clean the fitting part of the installation plane and check whether the seal is in the correct position.

4. In order to avoid deformation of the inner and outer rings of the bearing, it is strictly prohibited to weld the turntable bearing, otherwise it may be unable to be used.

5. The installation plane should be considered with convex and concave shoulder or positioning block for radial positioning.

6. The raceway and gear should be coated with a little grease to make the installation easier; After installation, ensure that the seals are compacting and smooth to avoid grease spill and leakage.

How to install wind power turntable bearing? The above is a specific explanation of the installation points and precautions for the small series. I hope to help you with your construction work. In order to achieve high energy efficiency of bearings for a long time, accurate matching, installation standards, timely maintenance and other work should be achieved. If you have other questions or needs, please feel free to leave a message or call us!