The principle and working principle of the slewing bearing

Each component has its basic structural construction and related structural principles. The rotation support is the same as ordinary bearings. What is the structure of the bearing for the mechanical parts of the rotary support, and today, I will explain to you in detail here to explain the relevant principles and working principles of the transfer support.

1. The structure of the rotation support

1. Large size

The size is relatively large, and its diameter is usually 0.2-10 meters, and the diameter is greater than 40 meters.

2. Undertaking multiple aspects of load

Generally, we must bear the load of several aspects, not only to withstand axial force and radial force, but also to withstand larger torque. Therefore, a rotary support often plays the role of several ordinary bearing.

3. Slow operation speed

The operation speed is very slow, usually less than 50 rpm. In many occasions, the rotation support does not operate continuously, but only turns round trips in the angle, which is equivalent to the so -called “swing bearing”.

4. Manufacturing process

In terms of manufacturing processes such as materials and thermal treatment, there is a big difference between rotating support and rolling bearings.

5, with gear

Generally, the rotating support has a rotary gear and a sealing ring for dustproof, and the ordinary rolling bearings are not.

6. Different installation methods

The rotating branch is not covered on the core shaft like ordinary bearing and is packed in the bearing box. Instead, it is fixed to the upper and lower support.
Slewing ring
Second, the principle of rotation support

Rotary support is a large bearing that can withstand comprehensive loads, also known as “turntable bearings”. It mainly relies on lubrication and friction to achieve the effect of operation. The friction between the roller and the steel ring to achieve the purpose of operation is a combination bearings with high efficiency and high carrying capacity.

The turning branch support structure and working principle have been explained to the application of the reckless design structure, because the special nature of the bearing itself in many ways in various fields.