What is the working temperature of the adaptation of the slewing bearing

Rotary support is a very important part of the machine. Basically, each machine is indispensable for this component. Because this part is fragile, it can also be regarded as a consumables. normal operation. Let ’s take a look at the work temperature of the adaptation of the rotary support.

Single -row ball rotary bearing 01 series
Rotate support can work normally at -300C ~+700C. If users need to adapt to lower or higher temperature reincarnation support, our company can make special design. The rotary support is used in a particularly harsh environment, such as marine climate, dust or grinding particles, sand, dust, cement, coal, etc. Special sealing rings, protective devices, and suitable fuel channels should be selected. Therefore, in order to enable your support to normal, I hope to do daily maintenance and maintenance.

Rotate the dental tooth surface should ensure that every 8-10 working days should be cleaned once every 8-10 working days. Do not mix with foreign bodies.

Features of Rotary support materials

The transfer branch is mainly composed of a circle, rolling body, holding frame, and sealing circle. Because different parts have a special effect in practical applications, they have different considerations in design selection

Under normal circumstances, the rotary supporting roller uses the overall hard -hard carbon chromium bearing steel. The rotary supporting circle uses the surface quenching hard steel. When the user does not have special requirements, it is generally made of 50MN steel, but sometimes in order to meet the needs of the host in some special applications, you can also choose the surface of the surface of other brands according to the specific conditions provided by the user. Her hard steel, such as 42CRMO, 5CRMNMO, etc.

Small and medium -sized rotary supporting forging uses circular or square rods as a blank material. The grain tissue and mechanical properties of stick materials are uniform and good, good in shape and size, and good surface quality, which is convenient for organizing mass production. As long as the heating temperature and deformation conditions are rationally controlled, there is no need for large forging deformation to forge with good forging. Ingots are only used for large forging. The ingot is a casting tissue with large columnar crystals and loose centers. Therefore, it is necessary to use large plastic deformation to break the cylindrical crystal into fine grains to compact loose and compact it to obtain excellent metal tissue and mechanical properties.

The rotary support is the structure of the main form, segmented, and isolation blocks. Among them, the overall and segmented shelves are manufactured for cast aluminum alloy No. 20 or ZL102. The isolation block is made of polyamide 1010 resin, ZL102 cast aluminum alloy and other manufacturing. With the continuous development of the material industry, the nylon GRPA66.25 is also promoted and applied in the design of the segmented maintenance.

The rotary support inheritance sealing is made of material -resistant rubber. The codes of the cover material and the supply status of the rough supply are according to the table. In the table, “T” indicates that the rough rough is supplied by the quality, and the “Z” indicates that the rough rough is supplied in a positive fire state.

The above is the introduction of the characteristics of the working temperature and the reckless support materials of the recking support. It is hoped that it can help everyone. Our company produces customized rotary support bearing, turntable bearing and other products. The bearing of the bearing can satisfy the guests. Our purpose is to solve problems, create value, and be valuable companies for customers! The constant crown bearing, the future of intelligence, and only work hard for the high -quality rotation support!