The Processing Technology and Application Fields of Shafts

Roller shafts, gear shafts and large machinery non-standard parts are indispensable key components in modern industry. They play a vital role in their respective fields of application, ensuring product quality and performance through precise machining processes.

Rollers are widely used in steel, petroleum, chemical industry, machinery manufacturing and other industries, and withstand the test of heavy load and high-speed operation. Its processing technology involves steps such as material selection, heat treatment, cutting and surface treatment to ensure that the roller has sufficient strength and wear resistance.
As an important component in the mechanical transmission system, the gear shaft is responsible for transmitting power and torque. The processing process includes forging, heat treatment, finishing and gear grinding to achieve high-precision gear shape and Surface Quality. The addition of gear shafts requires strict compliance with technical specifications and standards to ensure transmission efficiency and stability.

Non-standard parts of large machinery are customized according to the special needs of customers and have unique structures and sizes. The processing technology is flexible and diverse, and may involve CNC machining, laser cutting, stamping and other technologies. The processing of non-standard parts requires full consideration of material, process and performance requirements to meet the specific needs of customers. These products play an irreplaceable role in their respective fields. Whether it is the load-bearing and transmission functions of rollers, the transmission function of gear shafts, and customized solutions for non-standard parts of large machinery, they all provide for the development of modern industry. strong support.