What is the working temperature that the slewing bearing is suitable for?

As an important component in the mechanical system, the slewing bearing undertakes the important tasks of supporting rotating parts, transmitting force and bearing load. Whether it can adapt to the requirements of different temperatures and working environments directly affects the stability of the equipment’s operation. The slewing bearing is a very important part in the machine. Basically every machine is indispensable for this part. Because this part is relatively fragile, it can also be regarded as a kind of consumables. You need to buy it frequently to maintain the good condition of the machine. normal operation. Let’s follow the slewing drive editor to see what the working temperature the slewing bearing is suitable for.

slewing bearing

The slewing bearing can work normally at -300C ~ +700C. If the user needs to adapt to a lower or higher temperature slewing bearing, the slewing bearing manufacturer can make a special design. If the slewing bearing is used in a particularly harsh environment, such as marine climate, dust or abrasive particles, sand, cement, coal powder, etc. Special sealing rings, protective devices, and appropriate oil passages must be selected. Therefore, in order to ensure that your support can function normally, you hope to do a good job in daily care and maintenance.

The tooth surface of the slewing bearing should be cleaned and oil changed every 8-10 working days, and no foreign matter should be mixed with it.