What should we pay attention to when buying slewing bearing,swing bearing

Slewing bearings are widely used in all kinds of machinery and equipment.So, what to pay attention to when buying slewing bearing?how to select the high quality of the slewing bearing
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There are many issues that need to be paid attention to when purchasing a slewing bearing, such as load, bolt strength, and whether there is a series of bolt holes.

One,Whether the bearing load is reasonably distributed

Bearing mounted in a lack of a unified support surface, in the design phase of the support structure is a common mistake is to assume that the slewing bearing structure is rigid enough.However, local deformation can change the load, causing the bearing to have different load sizes.If appropriate steps are not taken, it is easy to cause slewing bearing failure.

Two.The bolts must be strong enough

Be sure to select the right slewing bearing product for your installation.This phase is often overlooked, leading to the possibility of a system failure.Typically, the device designer is responsible for determining the correct type of fasteners required for the project.However, fastener suppliers and manufacturers should really get a measure of what a specified fastener can stand.They will be able to assist in the greater calculation of the integrity of bolt load confirmation fasteners

What should I pay attention to when buying slewing bearing

Three、Is there a uniform bolt hole design

Fasteners need to be placed in more places in larger load areas.Bolt holes can be used as hazardous support structures only in areas where heavy loads occur and should not be overlooked in the overall design of the product.It is important to remember that a large amount of exercise load exists, not just the installation part.Uniform bolt loops help reduce bending and load distribution in bearings, fasteners, and support structures.
In addition, When we purchase the rotary bearing, also want to pay attention to the toughness of the product, because the parts are very thin, so a lot of parts are look good, but in the use of machine before long will be reimbursed, you first choice, in fact you can buy a few more brands, carries on the practice in the middle of the practical.

Above on the purchase of slewing bearing matters need to pay attention , in the purchase of slewing support products, must see the plate printed on the slewing bearing words, label, etc.Most of the products in the factory use steel printing technology, the font is very small, and before the pressure before the treatment, so the font is small, but deep concave, very clear.The typefaces of the counterfeits are blurry, floating on the surface due to the rough printing technique, and some can even be easily wiped by hand