Analysis and Solution of Inflexible Slewing Ring Operation

The slewing bearing is called the joint of the machine. It is a common used bearing in modern machinery and equipment,which requires relative rotational movement between two objects and simultaneously bears axial force, radial force and tilting moment. With the rapid development of the machinery industry, slewing bearings have been widely used in marine equipment, engineering machinery, light industry machinery, metallurgical machinery, medical machinery, industrial machinery and other industries. However, Some slewing bearing is inflexible in operation or it is found that the slewing bearing will rotate inflexibly after being put into use for a period of time. Faced with such a problem, how should we deal with it? The following is an explanation of the reasons and solutions for the inflexible operation of the slewing ring.

  1. First, do the following investigations on abnormal phenomena
  2. Idling of newly purchased products is not flexible

Please check the production date of the slewing bearing. If it takes a long time, such as more than half a year, and the climate is cold, it is possible that the viscosity of the grease in the raceway may be too large and the operation will not work. It is more prominent in cold areas and winter.

Exclusion method: If it can be operated and there are no other abnormalities after adding force, it can be used normally; if it is accompanied by abnormal noise, check whether there is any serious trauma during transportation, and report the information to the manufacturer’s after-sales service department for processing.

2. Inflexible operation after installation
It may be because the mounting surface of the main machine and the mounting surface of the slewing ring are not well matched, the axial clearance of the slewing ring after installation cannot compensate for the deformation of the slewing ring. The slewing ring is in a state of negative clearance and the rolling elements are difficult to run in the raceway, sometimes accompanied by abnormal noise , Or poor meshing of the large and small gears, or foreign matter stuck in the large and small gears.
Solution: Re-process the installation plane to make the installation plane meet the requirements, or use the gasket filling method; re-adjust the meshing backlash of the large and small gears as required, especially pay attention to the position of the gear jump; check to ensure that there is no foreign matter in the meshing position of the large and small gears; Replace a slewing bearing with a slightly larger clearance.
2. Reasons for inflexible rotation during use
1. The slewing bearing lacks lubricating oil, and the lubricating grease causes increased friction and resistance, which will cause insensitive movement.
Solution: add the same specification lubricating oil or replace all the lubricating oil.
2. The sealing strip is damaged, causing foreign matter to enter the raceway, such as poor working conditions, dust intrusion into the raceway, etc.
Solution: Remove foreign objects in the raceway and replace the sealing strip.
3, the slewing ring gear is deformed or broken, causing jamming or inflexible movement.
Solution: repair the gear and re-weld the gear.
The above is the analysis of the reasons for the inflexible operation of the slewing ring and the solutions. If the slewing ring still cannot be rotated after taking the above measures, it may be a fault in the raceway, please contact the manufacturer in time for after-sales treatment. For more information about slewing ring bearings, please pay attention to this website, or contact us.