High-precision slewing bearing for automatic welding equipment was successfully completed

Recently, our company has produced a set of non-standard customized special-shaped high-precision slewing bearings for a high-tech enterprise in Beijing. This set of bearings is used on high-end automatic welding equipment for processing nuclear equipment. This is the second time this company has been with us. The first cooperation was for large-scale precision slewing bearings. In view of our previous happy cooperation, the customer chose to cooperate with our company for the second time without hesitation. The customer’s cooperation again is for the quality of our products, technology, and pre-sales. , Sales and after-sales service are confirmed again.

This product has several important features:


  1. The outer diameter is large, reaching 2.2 meters, which is much higher than the size range of high-precision slewing bearings commonly made in the market.


  1. the precision requirements are extremely high, the end jump and the diameter jump are strict, the end jump is within 0.05mm, the diameter jump is less than 0.1mm, and the clearance is 0-0.005mm.


  1. The starting torque is very small, requiring one person to rotate easily.


  1. the surface should be hot-sprayed zinc, and it is required to reach the level of wind power bearing.

Our company strictly follows the requirements of the customer to confirm the drawings, formulates the processing and production plan, anticipates the problems that may occur in each process, and thinks up targeted solutions in advance to ensure that each process is within the controllable range, so as to ensure the quality and safety of the assembled product . After a series of controllable processing procedures and the timeliness of the materials in the processing, the technical requirements of the finished product have reached the requirements specified in the drawings confirmed by the customer. Moreover, the rotation is flexible, which can be easily rotated by one person.