High speed low noise slewing bearing bearings are shipped

Recently, the high-end slewing bearing for medical CT machine designed and produced by our company for customers has been successfully rolled off the production line, and all the indicators of the finished product have passed the inspection.

For the CT machine special slewing bearing, we understand the various technical requirements of the customer, and calculate the bearing capacity and service life according to this requirement. After more than a month of full technical communication, Technical parameters, confirmed the production drawings. This product has an outer diameter of 1180mm and an inner diameter of 980mm. It has a toothless four-point contact ball slewing bearing structure with P5 accuracy. It is a high-end precision slewing bearing; and because it is medical, it has extremely high requirements for noise reduction.

According to the actual working conditions of customers, our technical engineers actively improve the product processing technology, and strive to make products that meet the actual needs of customers. First, the 42CrMo quenched and tempered material is used to make the material performance better and more stable, which guarantees the product quality from the source; secondly, the product raceway and appearance are comprehensively polished to ensure high product precision; thirdly, for the product’s silent requirements, A special segmented nylon cage device is used to lock the ball in the cage pocket while ensuring that the steel ball can rotate freely, thereby reducing the noise impact caused by the free movement of the cage in the raceway. Reduce rotating noise. Through the above efforts, we ensure that the finished products of the slewing ring meet various technical requirements.


After the finished product came out, after trial assembly test, it has fully met the requirements of the confirmed drawings of both the customer and us, and the rotation is flexible and light, and the rotation is silent. At present, this product is already on the way to customers.


The vision of “Let the world fall in love with Made in China” is not only a slogan, but also implemented in practical actions. It requires countless Chinese companies to constantly challenge themselves technologically and seize the right to speak for China in the core field of manufacturing. In the era of high-tech industry, only Chinese manufacturing can win the “tough battle” and truly realize “Let the world fall in love with Chinese manufacturing!” We Hengguan people carry this great dream and actively practice it! The road is long and long, Hengguan people will persevere in pursuit! May you and I walk along this great journey…