Non-standard segment slewing bearing produced successfully

Recently, our company (Luoyang Hengguan Bearing) delivered a non-standard segmented slewing bearing for a large-scale winding machine manufactured by a metallurgical company in Hunan. After the customer installed, the design intention of the slewing bearing was realized. Our company’s design capability and production capacity are highly appreciated.


The outer diameter of the bearing is 2.1 meters, which is completely non-standard according to customer requirements. The customer initially consulted several slewing bearing manufacturers, but in view of the special requirements of the customer, no supplier can provide the solution. We received this consultation from our customers and quickly arranged technical engineers to connect with customers and provide detailed professional technical solutions. At first, customers wanted to use the traditional structure of the slewing bearing to achieve segmentation, opening, closing, turning, etc., but considering that one of the ferrules is not a complete circle, there is a 135 degree gap, so the rolling body will fall off as the ferrule rotates, and the customer’s intention of use cannot be realized. After communicating with the customer, it is determined to be a fixed roller type sliding structure.


The structure seems simple, but if you want to make several actions uniform and smooth, you need to control the details in design and production. Otherwise, it is easy to open and cannot be completely homing. After closing, the teeth and the circumference are not uniform, such as rotating abnormal sound and other issues. At the beginning of the design of the slewing bearing, through consultation with the customer many times, the general dimensions, structure and articulated form were determined. After the customer determined the plan, our designers deliberately went to the customer site to communicate with the other designers. On-site mapping the details of the program are determined one by one.

The key points of the product are: first, the deformation problem after cutting; second, the hinge connection model; third, the arc and the hole position, and the homing problem after the partial closure. For the deformation problem, our company selected 42CRMO quenching and tempering material, and after the processing (turning to process, hobbing processing), stress relief annealing to ensure small deformation after ferrule cutting. The bearing can not only ensure the rotation, but also can carry a large overturning moment, and the long-term use performance is unchanged; the cutting arc and position are referenced by the design software one by one, and processed by high-precision CNC boring and milling machine to ensure the dimensional accuracy.

For the homing problem after closing, we select both ends to make the positioning pin hole, to ensure the return to the original position after closing, and to ensure the gap of the teeth. After more than 30 days of intense processing, the product was successfully delivered to customers. At the end of the product, the end face jump is 0.1mm, and the radial runout is 0.15mm, which is very good for the customer’s intention.

The slewing bearing is proved by facts that Luoyang Hengguan Bearing has a strong design capability of non-standard custom slewing bearing, high level of professional processing and manufacturing capability. We HGB will insist to provide professional service and high-quality products to our customers.