The Nk-450BV Crane Slewing Bearing Arrived to Repair Factory

The Nk-450BV crane slewing bearing arrived to repair factory at 27th, November .

The customer is very satisfied with the quality and packing.


This slewing bearing structure is four-point contact ball with internal teeth,
1.this series ball slewing bearing is composed of outer and inner race, the rolling elements and the spacing block.
2. The single-row of rolling balls is located in the raceway between the outer and inner races.
The ball slewing bearing is widely used in the fields of construction machinery, marine machinery, as well as kinds of cranes, excavators, transportation machinery, wind power generators and military machinery.

And all slewing bearing we manufacture were strict inspection,clean,rust-proof treatment ,waterproof packing , single box to fit long transportation before delivery .
so we can give the better experience for all customer .also our engineer provided full
technical guidance during installation.