What are the failures of tower crane slewing bearing?

With the rapid development of the national economy, the construction of the project is spread over cities, roads, mountains, and rivers. As one of the important equipment for engineering construction, tower cranes play an important role. The slewing bearing, as a key component of the tower crane, directly affects the working efficiency of the tower crane. Due to the long-term load work and the working environment, there are some faults in the slewing bearing during use, which affects its normal operation. Today, Luoyang Hengguan Bearing company will explain to you the common tower crane slewing failure and its causes.

First, broken teeth

1. Broken teeth are often directly related to improper installation.
The size of the gear is not properly installed during installation. The gap does not meet the requirements, and the two teeth are not properly meshed during operation to cause broken teeth. The teeth clearance should be adjusted as required; the meshing clearance is not adjusted at the maximum position of the tooth jump as required, causing the pinion to become stuck when the meshing gear is engaged with the maximum position of the large gear toothing, causing the green tooth to be in place. The pinion gear is adjusted and then tested according to the requirements. The large and small gear axes are not parallel. After installation, the large and small gears mesh poorly, causing broken teeth. The two gears should mesh in parallel. The slewing bearing mounting bolts are not tightly fixed, causing broken teeth, the bolts should be tightened as required.
2, the operation is not standardized
Violation of the operating procedures, overload, and high-speed rotation, the host crashes into obstacles. It should be operated strictly in accordance with the operating procedures. When the slewing bearing is engaged with the pinion, foreign matter is caught. It should be ensured that the large and small gears are clean and checked frequently.

Second, the grease problem caused abnormal noise

The slewing bearing of the tower crane is lubricated with grease, and the abnormal noise is most likely caused by lubrication problems. Common causes are the lack of grease in the raceway, uneven grease filling, poor grease quality aging, and incorrect lubricant selection. To solve this problem, you only need to use the right lubricant, timely filling, and timely replacement.

Third, foreign objects in the slewing ring

When the inside of the slewing bearing has foreign matter such as sand particles or iron filings, non-periodic vibration occurs, and there is also a failure in which the rotation is inflexible. When encountering such a situation, it is necessary to strictly clean the bearings, shafts, seat holes, and matching parts before installation, and remove the foreign matter in the lubricant in time; remember to avoid the use of plastic cages with impure materials or embedded foreign objects. This will remove the corresponding abnormal noise.

Fourth, the seal is broken

Check the seal is wear or not because the structure of the slewing bearing seal plays a key role in the sealing. When the seal and the slewing ring do not fit completely, it is easy to cause grease leakage. In addition, the weathering resistance and butter resistance of the sealing strip material also issues to be considered.

Five, loose bolts

1. The mounting bolts are loose, causing shaking during work. Please inspect all inner and outer ring mounting bolts immediately and tighten them as required.
2. Check whether the operation is overloaded and operate in strict accordance with the regulations.
3. long-term overload operation, resulting in the crushing of the raceway, the gap is too large.

Sixth, the raceway and rolling elements are seriously worn

The tower crane has abnormal noise during the turning process, which is most likely caused by severe wear of the slewing bearing raceway and the rolling element. At this time, the slewing bearing needs to be repaired or replaced.

The above is the analysis of the slewing bearing failure of the tower crane. Luoyang Hengguan Bearing Technology Co., Ltd. mainly produces slewing bearing/slewing bearing with diameter of 200-9800mm and various high-precision slewing bearings, large thrust ball bearings, non-standard special-shaped bearings, etc. The precision covers four P0, P6, P5, and P4. Grades. Our products are widely used in new energy, medical, amusement, automation, lifting, construction, mining, metallurgy, port, textile, shipbuilding, environmental protection, aerospace, wind power, and other fields.