Maintenance work of the rotary mechanism of the drilling rig

During the use of the drilling rig, the problems that are prone to occur in the slewing system are the wear of the slewing bearing steel ball, the pitting of the output gear of the slewing reducer, and the wear of the slewing brake friction plate. How to reduce the occurrence of the above-mentioned problems through daily operation and maintenance?


In the actual construction process, the performance requirements of rotary drilling rigs are increasingly strengthened. How to ensure that the drilling rig can exert maximum performance in the actual construction process? This requires not only a good initial performance index of the drilling rig, but also the later use process. Careful maintenance.


  1. slewing bearing lubrication


The entire slewing ring is actually an enlarged bearing. During the rotation of the bearing, the steel balls inside must always be lubricated with lubricating oil to avoid dry grinding of the steel balls in the slewing ring. Before adding lubricating oil to the slewing bearing, the grease nipple should be cleaned to prevent foreign impurities from entering the slewing bearing during the lubricating process.


The slewing bearing is located under the base of the boom, and lubricating oil is added through the oil nozzle until the lubricating oil overflows from the bearing seal. At this time, it can be considered that the steel ball of the slewing bearing is completely protected by the lubricating oil.


  1. Replace the lubricating oil of the rotary drive unit


Check the lubricating oil level of the rotary drive device:


1) The dipstick for the lubricating oil of the turntable driving device is on the turntable device behind the boom base, and the dipstick is taken out.


2) Check the oil dipstick: Keep the oil level between the top of the dipstick and the mark on the dipstick. If necessary, add oil through the dipstick tube.


3)  Insert the dipstick.


  1. Lubricate the slewing ring gear


Note: Incorrect lubrication may cause damage to the parts of the drill. To avoid damage, make sure that the amount of grease added to the turntable drive is correct. Too much grease in the turntable gear chamber will increase the stirring loss, thus accelerating the deterioration of the grease. Deterioration of grease will cause damage to the pinion and inner ring of the turntable drive device; insufficient grease will result in poor gear lubrication.

1) Remove the inspection cover near the base of the boom and check the grease.


2) Remove the bolts, washers, lower cover and gaskets to drain water.


3) Check the gasket. If there is obvious damage, the gasket should be replaced; check the grease surface, the grease should be evenly distributed on the bottom of the groove.


4) Check whether the grease is contaminated and discolored. If the grease is contaminated or discolored due to water, replace the grease.


5) Raise the starter arm, turn the upper structure 1/4 turn, pause for a while after every 1/4 turn, and then perform the rotation work to ensure that the lubricant in the slewing ring can be evenly distributed to the surface of the slewing ring gear.


The above is the introduction to the maintenance work of the rotary mechanism of the drilling rig. Although the above-mentioned operations cannot completely avoid the aging of the drilling rig as the working time increases, these daily maintenance and maintenance will make the drilling rig work better and reduce the occurrence of serious failure, Reduce operating costs.