Personalized development of slewing bearings

With the continuous development of construction machinery, according to the individual needs of users, the construction machinery is oriented towards the individual direction. For example, the excavator has large and medium-sized excavators, and various excavators for improving special purposes. Therefore, the requirements for the personalized development of slewing bearings are put forward. Today, the author mainly talks about the individualized development of slewing bearings.


1. Individualized development of different sizes. Due to the inconsistency of various engineering machinery sizes and models, it is also necessary to adapt the size of the slewing bearing.

2. Special-purpose slewing bearings, such as the maximum bearing capacity, with the development of engineering machinery, toward the direction of large-scale development, some engineering machinery has hundreds of tons, so the maximum bearing capacity requirements of slewing bearings continue to increase.

3. Different temperature requirements, the mechanical application environment is now expanding, the total high temperature, high humidity, high salt environment and cold environment, the exhibition center is required to adapt.

4. Low failure rate requirements. With the development of aerospace technology, slewing bearings are required to have ultra-low failure rate characteristics.

In summary, with the development of engineering machinery, new requirements for slewing bearings have been put forward. The development of individualized engineering machinery requires the development of slewing bearings to meet the needs of construction machinery, and also the slewing bearing individualization. The driving force for development and the inevitable development.