Slewing Rings for Radar Military

Our special design Radar military slewing rings are popular in satellite antennas, tank, santi-aircraft gun, radar, missile launcher and so on.

We can produce steel, aluminum and titanium bearings for the most demanding and prestigious customer that matching the highest technical requirement.

Anyway, to ensure the quality of this application, the slewing rings (turntable bearings) should be obtained by a specific process of grinding. As a result, capacity, low torque, stiffness, high rotating speed and precision in rough environments can be available.

Slewing Ring bearings and turntable bearings are large bearings primarily designed to handle applications that feature axial, radial, and moment loads.

Due to this functionality, slewing Ring bearings can be found in the following industries: medical, crane, nautical, military, forestry, material handling, aerospace, machine tools, surveillance, automotive, turntables, mining equipment, offshore platforms, offshore platforms, radar and satellite antennas, robotics and so on. In addition, according to the type of load, slew rings are available with 1 row of balls, 2 rows of balls and one row of rollers as well as there rows.