Successful installation and commissioning of high-precision double-row cross roller bearings

At the beginning of this month, Luoyang Hengguan Bearing Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hengguan Bearing) provided a customer in Zhejiang with high-precision double-row crossed cylindrical roller slewing bearings for machining rotating platforms. All indicators have met or exceeded At the request of the purchaser, it was successfully delivered to the purchaser; the installation and commissioning has been successful, and the banknote printing mode is turned on for the purchaser.


This slewing ring bearing belongs to the rare double-row cross-roller structure on the market. It is different from the conventional single-row four-point kick structure, double-row ball structure, single-row cross roller structure, and three-row cylindrical roller structure on the market. The big structure is completely different.


The service tenet of Hengguan Bearing is to quickly respond to customer needs, provide excellent technical solutions in a shorter time, and solve engineering problems safely and effectively for customers. This product is an upgraded product of the first generation of bearing products. According to customer feedback, the first generation of bearing products have poor rigidity after being installed and deformed after being stressed, causing the equipment to lose accuracy. After receiving the customer’s consultation call, our company quickly arranged an engineer to connect with it. , Carry out all-round technical communication and diagnosis. Starting from the customer’s working conditions, load-bearing, speed, use requirements, etc., after several modifications, a very difficult double-row cross-roller structure was selected. This new double-row cross-roller structure has good rigidity, heavy bearing capacity, and is not easy to deform. Such advantages have overcome the shortcomings of the first generation of single-row cross rollers. The product was scheduled for 40 days and shipped smoothly; when the final product was inspected, the inner and outer ring end pendulums were 0.015, the clearance is 0, the diameter pendulum is 0.02, and the outer diameter is 1520mm; our company has overfulfilled the task and all the parameters are all Has met or exceeded the customer’s confirmed drawing requirements. At present, the product has been delivered to the customer, and has been successfully installed and commissioned and put into operation.


Innovation is the driving force of development. To grasp innovation is to grasp development, and to seek innovation is to seek the future. Hengguan Bearing continuously carries out technological innovation, and always insists on giving back to customers with dedicated service. We have the courage to challenge every technical problem, and cooperate with today’s ever-changing industrial production needs 24 hours a day, with fast response and flexible and thoughtful service to ensure effective solutions and excellent quality assurance.


Hengguan Bearing’s all efforts are to provide customers with better products and service experience, and create greater value for customers. The mutual benefit and win-win situation of both customers and us are the root of the company’s long-lasting prosperity! Hengguan Bearing, intelligently creates the future, and is only a provider of excellent products and dedicated services!