The effect and method of the slewing bearing lubrication

The effect and method of the  slewing bearing lubrication
The turntable bearing is one of the large -scale bearing in the market. Many engineering machinery, equipment platforms, etc. are inseparable from the turntable bearings. We all know that the bearings must be well maintained and maintained during use, and it is important to maintain its good lubrication. So what are the effects of rotor bearing lubrication? What are the advantages and disadvantages of different lubrication? Next, I will introduce to everyone.

1. The role of the rotor bearing lubrication

1. Reduce friction and wear

The lubricating oil is filled to the embarrassment of the sets of the bearing, the rolling bodies and the holder to prevent the metal of each component from contacting each other, thereby reducing friction and wear, and maintaining the operating performance of the bearings.

2. Extend fatigue life

The lubrication of the bearing in operation is closely related to its fatigue life: If the lubrication of the rolling contact surface is good, the service life is prolonged; if the lubricating oil viscosity and the insufficient thickness of the lubricating oil film cause insufficient lubrication, the service life will be shortened.

3. Dowry friction heat and cool down

The cycle -to -oil method and other lubrication methods can be discharged by oil from the heat produced by the bearing itself or the heat generated by external transmission, which plays a cooling role to prevent the bearing excessive heat and lubricating oil itself.

4. Prevent foreign objects, etc.

Good lubrication of the rotor bearing can prevent foreign bodies from entering the bearing inside, and it also has a certain effect on preventing rust and corrosion of the bearing.
Rotor bearing
2. Method of Rotary Bearing Lubrication Method

1. Lubrication

Advantages: good oil liquidity, small internal friction coefficient, less energy consumption of overcoming friction, easy to enter the friction surface of each lubricant, better cooling effect, at the same time, you can make the impurities on the surface of friction or grinding. Metal particles take away.

Disadvantages: The thin oil lubrication method has higher requirements for sealing, and at the same time, the oil film cannot withstand large unit pressure.

2. Lubrication of thick oil

Advantages: The rotor bearing adopts a large range of adaptation to the properties of the load and the speed of motion speed by the thick oil lubrication method; in addition, it is easy to seal, lose less, and be less affected by temperature.

Disadvantages: The energy loss of the thick oil lubrication method is large, because of its poor liquidity and large internal friction coefficients. In addition, it is easy to lose lubrication performance when working at high temperature for a long time. It is necessary to do daily inspection and oil supplement replacement.