The kaydon slewing bearing replacement we can customized

The following series  models we can produced

nner and outer with flange slewing bearing:RK6-16P1Z,RK6-22P1Z,RK6-25P1Z,RK6-29P1Z,RK6-33P1Z,RK6-37P1Z,RK6-43P1Z

Inner tooth outer flange turntable bearing:RK6-16N1Z,RK6-22N1Z,RK6-25N1Z,RK6-29N1Z,RK6-33N1Z,RK6-37N1Z,RK6-43N1Z

Outer tooth inner flange slewing bearing :RK6-16E1Z,RK6-22E1Z,RK6-25E1Z,RK6-29E1Z,RK6-33E1Z,RK6-37E1Z,RK6-43E1Z

no tooth no flange swing bearing:HS6-16P1Z ,HS6-21P1Z , HS6-25P1Z ,HS6-29P1Z,HS6-33P1Z ,HS6-37P1Z ,HS6- 43P1Z

inner tooth slewing bearing ring without flange:HS6-16N1Z ,HS6-21N1Z ,HS6-25N1Z ,HS6-29N1Z ,HS6-33N1Z,HS6-37N1Z ,HS6- 43N1Z

outer tooth slewing ring without flange:HS6-16E1Z ,HS6-21E1Z ,HS6-25E1Z ,HS6-29E1Z ,HS6-33E1Z ,HS6-37E1Z ,HS6- 43E1Z

No tooth :HT10-30P1Z,HT10-36P1Z ,HT10-42P1Z ,HT10-48P1Z ,HT10-54P1Z ,HT10- 60P1Z

Inner tooth :HT10-30N1Z ,HT10-36N1Z,HT10-42N1Z ,HT10-48N1Z ,HT10-54N1Z ,HT10- 60N1Z

Outer tooth:HT10-30E1Z ,HT10-36E1Z,HT10-42E1Z,HT10-48E1Z ,HT10-54E1Z ,HT10- 60E1Z

By the way we can customized the slewing bearing depend on your request or drawngs , we have the professional technical team.