The reason why the slewing ring/bearing is not working properly and the solution.

With the advancement of technology, the application of slewing bearings in construction machinery is more and more extensive. If we find that the slewing bearing can’t move, how can we deal with it? The following methods can help you to eliminate this problem.

1. The newly purchased products are not flexible. Please check the production date of the slewing ring. If the time is long (such as more than half a year) and the weather is cold, there may be impurities such as salt spray in the raceway, which may cause malfunction (cold area, winter is more prominent). Remedy: If you can work after the afterburner and no other abnormalities can be used normally.


2. The operation is not flexible during use. The sealing strip is damaged, causing foreign matter to enter the raceway if the working condition is poor, the dust is immersed in the raceway, etc.); check the meshing of the large and small gears, whether there is any foreign matter or broken teeth.

3. The operation after installation is not flexible. It may not work well with the mounting surface of the mainframe and the mounting surface of the slewing bearing. As a result, the axial clearance of the slewing bearing after installation cannot compensate the deformation of the slewing bearing. The slewing bearing is in the negative clearance state, and the rolling elements are in the raceway. Difficulties in operation (sometimes accompanied by abnormal noise); or poor meshing of large and small gears; or foreign objects in the large and small gears.

Remedy: Rework the main machine installation plane so that the installation plane meets the requirements; re-adjust the gear meshing backlash according to the requirements, especially pay attention to the gear runout position; check to ensure that the large and small gear meshing position has no foreign matter; exchange a slightly larger slewing bearing .

This is a common situation in which the slewing ring can not be turned. In fact, it is far more than just these. In fact, as long as we install it correctly and regulate the operation, many problems can be avoided.