The Wide range application of slewing bearing

With the rapid development of machinery industry, the application range of slewing bearing has been gradually expanded, and slewing bearings have been widely used instead of original bearings. Construction machinery is the initial application of slewing bearings is also the most widely used places, such as earth-moving machinery, excavators, dismantling machines,heap picking machines, graders, rollers, tamping machines, rock drilling machines, boring machines and so on.

Slewing bearing applications are:

(1) Engineering ships: dredgers
(2) feeding machinery: disc feeder, sand mixer
(3) Concrete machinery: concrete pump truck, concrete mixing cloth rod machine, belt cloth machine
(4) Light Industry Machinery: Beverage Machinery, Bottle Blowing Machine, Packaging Machinery, Filling Machine, Rotary Bottle Finisher, Injection Molding Machine
(5) Special vehicles: bridge detection vehicles, fire engines, gondola machines, flat girder trucks, aerial vehicles, self-propelled aerial work platforms
(6) Crane type: Wheel Crane, Crawler Crane, Portal Crane, Tower Crane, Forklift, Crane, Gantry Crane
(7) Foundation treatment machinery: impact reverse circulation drilling rig, rotary
drilling rig, impact rotary drilling rig, rotary drilling rig, reverse circulation rotary
drilling rig, positive circulation rotary drilling rig, long spiral engineering drilling
rig, submersible engineering drilling rig, static pressure pile Machine, pile driver and so on.
slewing ring bearings have wide product range that are widely used in above applications like standard Single row four point contact slewing bearing,Cross roller slewing bearing,Three row roller slewing bearing and light small slewing bearings, precision slewing bearing

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