What is the production process of the slewing bearing

There is another call in the industry called the rotor bearing; it has a wide range of applications in industrial machinery, medical machinery and other industries, and is called “the joint of the machine”. If you want to ensure the quality of rotation support, you must strictly check each production process. Next, Hengguan Xiaobian will introduce the production process of the rotary support.

The production process process of the rotary support

1. Steel raw material cutting

The raw materials often used in the rotary support bearing are the overall hard -hard carbon -chromium bearing steel. The rotary supporting circle is used on the surface hard steel, which is generally made of 50MN steel. First, the billet must be cut according to the expected size of the bearings. The cutting bearing steel is mostly used for hard alloy saws with high hardness, abrasion resistance, strength and toughness.

2. Black forging

The billet forging is to heat the billet in the heating furnace and the forging into a round cake -shaped. The purpose is to ensure the reliability and life of the bearing.

3. Forging rings

Use the roller to make the billet parts into a ring -shaped steel ring. By forging, the internal tissue of the steel can be improved, so that the steel materials can be more intensive, plastic and impactful.

4. Coarse car processing

Put the steel rings behind the ring rings into the machine tool, perform rough vehicle processing, the vehicle out of various grooves, fix the steel ring on the milling machine, cut out the teeth, and provide conditions for the processing of the later grinding machine.
5. Hot treatment

Thermal treatment is also called quenching. In popular terms, the heat treatment link is to perform high -temperature treatment of bearing and car processing circles of forging and car processing, which can affect the uniformity of carburizing in the bearing circle and improve the abrasion resistance and hardness of the bearing.

6. Open hole processing

Installing holes in the end surface of the steel ring, pay attention to determining the heart and cutting angle when opening the hole. You can choose the drilling machine, hand -held electric drill and hand -shaking diamond for operation.

7. Exquisite grinding

Experience grinding is a refined part of the bearing. The fine grinding can affect the rotation flexibility of the bearings and the surface processing accuracy of the bearings. It once again conducts a precision car on the steel ring roller surface to modify the deformation generated by the front of the Taoist processes.

8. Architecture and packaging

Assemble the processed components; the assembled finished product bearing coated rust oil, sample quality inspection, packaging packaging, and enter the storage or sales process.

The above is the production process that Xiaobian summarizes the transition support. Presumably you must have a clearer understanding of the rotary branch. If you want to maintain the good performance of the bearings and extend its service life, you must strictly control the procurement level to ensure that the quality is intact; pay more attention to inspection and maintenance during operation. If you have other questions or needs about bearing, you can leave a message or call us. Luoyang Hengguan Bearing Technology Co., Ltd. looks forward to providing you with a solution.