What should I do if the slewing ring is rusted? Ways to prevent rust of slewing bearings?

Slewing bearings are important parts in many modern machinery and equipment, because their performance is more unique than other mechanical parts, including significant advantages in anti-corrosion performance. However, if the slewing bearing is not produced in strict accordance with the cleaning and anti-rust regulations and the requirements of the oil seal and anti-rust packaging, the bearing parts in the processing process and the finished bearing products after assembly shall be treated with rust; or the anti-rust used in production. The quality of products such as rust lubricating oil and cleaning kerosene does not meet the requirements of the technical regulations, and the use of inferior anti-rust lubricating oil will cause the bearing to rust. So what can be done to prevent it from rusting? Today, the editor will share with you several ways to prevent the rust of turntable bearings.


   1. Surface cleaning method


  Cleaning must be based on the nature of the surface of the rust-prevented material and the prevailing conditions, and an appropriate method must be selected. Commonly used are solvent cleaning method, chemical treatment cleaning method and mechanical cleaning method. When the surface is dry and clean, it can be dried with filtered dry compressed air, or dried with a dryer at 120~170, or dried with clean gauze.


   2. Method of applying anti-rust oil


   1. Brushing method


  This method is suitable for slewing bearings or special-shaped bearings that are not suitable for immersion or spraying. When brushing, it is necessary to pay attention not to accumulate rust prevention oil, and of course to prevent leakage.

Slewing ring 

  2, spray method


  Some large slewing bearings cannot be oiled by the immersion method, and generally use filtered compressed air with a pressure of about 0.7Mpa to spray in a clean air place. The spray method is suitable for solvent-diluted anti-rust oil or thin-layer anti-rust oil, but complete fire protection and labor protection measures must be adopted. This method is mostly used for rust prevention of some large slewing bearings.


  3, soaking method


The slewing bearing is soaked in anti-rust grease, and a thick layer of anti-rust grease can be adhered to its surface. The thickness of the oil film can be achieved by controlling the temperature or viscosity of the anti-rust grease, and this layer of grease can effectively isolate it from The contact of air achieves the effect of rust prevention.


   The above are a few ways to prevent rusting of slewing bearings. I hope everyone can help after reading them. In addition, when we use the bearing, do not directly touch the bearing with your hands, because when sweat contacts the bearing, a layer of sweat film will be formed on the bearing surface, which will cause electrochemical effects on the bearing and corrode the bearing. Therefore, use special tools such as special gloves or finger cots to pick up the bearing, and do not touch it directly with your hands.