What are the reasons for the broken teeth of the slewing ring? How to solve it?

The slewing bearing is also called the turntable bearing. It is an important transmission component necessary for a machine that needs to make a relative slewing motion between two objects, but also needs to bear axial force, radial force, and tilting moment. Known as machine joints, they are widely used in modern industrial machinery and equipment, such as excavators, cranes, wind turbines, industrial robots, cranes, radars and other equipment. The slewing bearing will also fail during long-term use, and some will have the phenomenon of broken teeth, so what are the reasons for the broken teeth of the slewing ring? Today, the editor will briefly discuss this issue with everyone.
The broken teeth of the slewing bearing are usually caused by the following reasons:

One.It is directly related to the installation

1. Improper adjustment of the side clearance of the big and small gears during installation fails to meet the requirements, resulting in broken teeth due to poor meshing of the two gears during operation. Therefore, the side clearance shall be adjusted strictly according to the requirements.

2.When the pinion gear meshes with the big zUI gear gear, it fails to engage with the pinion gear as required, resulting in tooth breakage when the pinion gear meshes with the big ZUI gear gear;Therefore, meshing adjustment with pinion should be carried out strictly in accordance with the requirements, and test run should be carried out after meshing adjustment.

3.The axis of the big and small gears is uneven. After installation, the gear meshing is not good, resulting in broken teeth. Therefore, the axes of the two gears should be parallel

4.The mounting bolts of slewing bearing are not fixed tightly, and the meshing of big and small gears is not tight, resulting in broken teeth, so the bolts should be fastened according to the requirements.When the mounting bolts become loose, resulting in elastic deformation of the sleeveless support and negative clearance in the deformation position, it is necessary to immediately check and tighten the bolts as required.

Slewing bearing

Two.Broken teeth due to improper use

1.Violate the operating rules, overload and tell the rotation, host colliding with obstacles, etc., so it should be operated in strict accordance with the operating rules

2.There is a foreign matter stuck when the slewing support meshes with the pinion, so it is necessary to ensure the cleanliness of the gear and check it frequently.

Above is the analysis on the cause of the rotary bearing broken teeth, to avoid the rotary bearing fault, broken teeth at work when installation, must adjust good big gear and small gear meshing backlash, and in strict accordance with the requirements and small gear meshing adjustments, regularly check the rotary bearing bolt looseness, if there are any loose, tighten immediately.In addition, operators in the operation in strict accordance with the rules of operation.